Sorting colours with caps and corks – a fun DIY game for littles!

sydney piercey caps and corks

Lily and I made this colour sorter using caps and corks yesterday afternoon. It was so simple to do, but kept her so entertained (whilst being educational) that I had to share it here. It’s my first post for a while, having been making the most of what has felt like one of the longest summers on record. We are still away now (hence photos of our sorter in the sunshine)-  oh the joys of my girls not yet being school age and so being able to holiday out of season! The craft puts to great use the leftovers of our summer sundowners but is equally perfect to do at home indoors for some ‘whatever the weather’ play.

What you will need:

Cardboard box
Bottle caps and corks
Paint or paint sticks (we used paint sticks, less messy and quicker drying)
Scalpel or scissors

sydney piercey caps and corks

sydney piercey caps and corks


  1. Deconstruct your cardboard box. I always turn my boxes inside out so that their inner plain side becomes the outside. Flatten your box and set aside.
  2. Paint the inside of your caps and corks- this can even be done by your young one whilst you are working on your box. As mentioned we used paint sticks which applied and dried really well onto the inside of the bottle cap. Depending on what colours you are practicing you can do lots of the same colours, or a variety of different colours (which we did).
  3. Lay out your bottle caps and corks on to your flattened box, placing them where you want them to go. Draw around them with a pencil, the serrated edge of the bottle cap is helpful too, and pressing them into the box gently is handy to do for the next step.
  4. Cut out your caps and corks outlines with a scalpel or sharp edge of your scissors.
  5. Reassemble your box and secure together with tape. At the bottom of one side, cut a flap or window to allow for dropped bottle caps and corks to be collected.
  6. Colour around your cut out caps and corks shapes with the colours of those that correspond.
  7. You are now ready to play!

sydney piercey caps and corks

I hope you and your littles enjoy this craft. I love that it’s entertaining but also good for practising fine motor skills and for learning. Lily has had hours of fun with it already having only made it yesterday. Do share your thoughts on this and tag us in yours!

Sydney x

P.S. For more re-use for play using beer boxes this time – a reminder of the farm we made before the start of summer!


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