Puzzles using empty packets- make your own

Packet puzzles

These packet puzzles combine my love for recycled art (making things out of scraps), and my daughter’s love of puzzles. Like so many of us, lockdown has at times had us climbing walls for things to do, make and play.

One of the many saviours has been puzzles. Each day we have dedicated time to our games cupboard, where Lily has often pulled out the same wooden toy puzzle to play with. The magic of these back to back days at home has been seeing her improve on completing them. A puzzle that a few weeks ago she needed my help with, she now speeds deftly through, completing them with a flourish and exclaiming ‘I did it!’ Whilst it is so very cute, its also so very little time for that cup of coffee, or chore that I myself am trying to speed deftly through, whilst she is momentarily occupied.

And so I created these packet puzzles – a solution to her needing more and more puzzles and putting my empties to good use once more.

Packet puzzles can be used by all ages and stages – novices and experts alike.

Packet puzzles

Packet puzzles


  • 2 identical empty packets (often each side of the same box, or if not two of the same packet)
  • Scissors
  • Cardboard and glue, optional (for backing one packet, should you need to make it sturdier for tiny hands)

The method is simple

First deconstruct both packets. One packet becomes your guide so set this aside and the other packet you cut into pieces. These are used to complete the puzzle by placing the pieces on top of your guide.

I started with 6 large pieces for Lily, and once she is able to confidently complete those, I plan to cut them up again into 12. The older your child (or even your adult – I cut up a beer box into even more pieces for my husband!) the more pieces to cut.

With the flimsier packets, I stuck the guide onto some cardboard to make it sturdier for her!

Packet puzzlesWe would love to see your packet puzzles, so do please tag us in yours!

Sydney x

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