Your new favourite, easy peasy, allergy-friendly chocolate fudge cake

For our first playdate since lockdown has eased in the UK, I decided to bake a little chocolate cake with Joey to celebrate. I fancied a delicious, light, fudgy chocolate sponge cake, that was easy to rustle up with a 3-year-old’s help, and that everyone could enjoy.

The tricky thing was working around the dietary requirements list — we had gluten-free for starters, then I’m a pesky vegan on top of that, and we also needed to factor in a nut allergy too. It’s taken me several attempts to get this recipe just right, but I can safely say its delicious, easy and totally adaptable, to factor in any allergies that you need to.

You won’t need any fancy kit, the preparation time is around 10 minutes, there’s no whipping, melting, or soaking overnight, and you won’t need to source any wacky ingredients from the health food shop. It’s also a robust enough recipe to work as either cupcakes, a sponge cake, or even a loaf. There’s even a video to follow along with on Instagram.

Here’s the recipe:

Bee’s easy vegan, allergy-friendly chocolate fudge cake:


150 ml full fat plant milk. e.g. Soya, or barista grade Oat milk works too
100 g plain plant yoghurt (not flavoured) e.g. soya or coconut
2 tsp vinegar (white wine, malt, anything pale works)
125 ml plant oil, e.g. vegetable, sunflower or groundnut oil
1 tsp vanilla extract
190 g sugar (dark brown preferably, but any will do)
65 g cocoa powder
175 g self raising flour (If GF is needed, use 50g ground almonds, and 300g SR gluten free flour)
2 tsp baking powder

Makes enough mixture for 2 x 6-inch round sponge layers or around 12 cupcakes.

Preheat your oven to 180 degrees celsius

Mix the plant milk, yoghurt and vinegar together in a medium sized bowl and leave for a few mins – the mixture will thicken / curdle a little to make a delicious vegan “buttermilk” – this is the bit that binds the mixture together.

In a large bowl, mix the cocoa powder, sugar, flour and baking powder together using a whisk to bash out any lumps.

Pour the wet ingredients (the buttermilk, vanilla and then the veg oil too) mixture into the dry, and whisk until just smooth and glossy.

If you’re baking cupcakes, fill each case 3/4 full. If you fancy a layer cake, fill two 6 inch round tins equally. For a loaf, try a small tin, and fill it around 3/4 full. Any leftover batter will keep in the fridge overnight for fresh cupcakes tomorrow.

Bake for around 20 (cupcakes) to 30 minutes (sponge layers), until a cocktail stick / knife tip inserted in the middle comes out mostly clean.

Allow the sponges to cool before decorating however you like best!

Give it a try, and let me know how you get on!

Tag me on @beesbakery on instagram, I’d love to see what you think.


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