Make marvellous (non-toxic) Marble Paper — and hearts, and cards, and bunting too!

This is a mega crafting moment. Marvellous marbleised paper, made with only two ingredients, both of which are non-toxic and kid-friendly. This is the perfect Valentine’s day craft — and we made both cards and bunting with it, using the positive and negative shapes. So it is a zero waste craft project (if that is a thing?).

Instead of a long post of how tos and tips, I want to first say thank you to Amanda Klingoff of the blog Project Kid, for the inspiration of this project! I spotted it on Instagram and we had the best Saturday play date making this art.

I have shared a lot of photos so it is easier to see how it works.

Materials needed :

  • shaving cream — the cream not gel cream. We chose a sensitive skin, non scented brand.
  • food dye — this goes quickly so you may want to buy a few of each colour
  • trays with low sides
  • toothpicks, bamboo skewers, or small butter knives for swirling
  • ruler
  • spatula
  • thick, smooth, watercolour type paper
  • drying or cooling racks

First protect your surface, very very well with a thick wipeable tablecloth, or use a lot of newspapers. Or even better, we used the fabulous Lolly & Kin mat, after seeing them at our ShopUp. These mats come in great colours (I love the rose one) and protect your table and allow for more fun! They are non-toxic also don’t contain PVC, phthalates or other toxic chemicals. So we have decided to use these to let art get wild, and the other side (in a soft pebble colour) will be for picnics and eating! Two mats for the price of one. 🙂

Then spray a bit of shaving cream into the trays. Spread out with the spatula to make it even. Squeeze 6 – 8 drops of food colouring into the shaving cream, and use a toothpick to gently swirl the colors through the cream. (Pretend you are writing the number ‘eight’ I told my children). When the colours are spread out, press a piece of thick, white paper onto the coloured foam. Scrape the shaving cream off the page with a ruler. Repeat with more pages. And reuse the foam too by mixing it up and using the coloured remnants as a new base.

Add more shaving cream if you want to introduce white into the pre-coloured foam. A little goes a long way!

We dried our paper on a hanging clothing line. They dried so quickly after an hour we were able to make the hearts by tracing inside cookie cutters (see below). Then I used an exacto-knife to cut them out. And then the kids glued the hearts onto pre-made cards.

The children loved making the cards, and I love the fact that we are also using the leftover paper — which is gorgeous, for another bunting. I think we have a very nice collection of Valentine’s Day buntings happening from years past!

Hope this adds a bit of fun to your Valentine’s Day celebration.

If you make this, we would love you to share photos with us on Instagram. Just send them our way!

And if you want more inspiration, here are some great crafts from years past.



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