Revisiting summer memories with photo books, and strategies for moving photos from digital to print

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I’m now five and half years into parenthood and I still haven’t developed a consistent method for archiving and printing photos…please tell me I’m not the only one! I’ve had stretches where I ordered some prints monthly and I’ve made photo books after having nice family photos taken, but I’m still searching for a method that’s feasible enough for me to keep up with the constant flow of photos making their way onto my phone. In the meantime, however, I’m feeling particularly chuffed that I managed to make a set of photo books preserving my favorite memories from this past summer, spent with my two children at our house in Maine.

It was a summer I want to remember forever: schedule-free days immersed fully in a time and place, watching my children grow and change and adventuring together. As we moved through the nearly three months we spent by the sea, I chose a favorite photo or two from each day and stored them in a folder on my phone. Periodically I took an hour or so to sort them into a photo book during afternoon nap (also done all on my phone) and by the time we returned to Brooklyn for the start of school in early September I had a series of three volumes already printed with a fourth on its way to us.

In a way, I thought I was making the photo books mostly for me, so it’s been the nicest surprise to see how much my kids adore them, and to find them leafing through the pages reminding each other of all the fun we had last summer. I think having these moments made tangible has reinforced their memories, and like most children, they enjoy hearing stories and looking at photos of themselves as we sit and page through the volumes together. Until next summer, I’m so happy to have taken the time to make these books, and also glad to have such a good (and beautiful!) incentive to try to ensure more photos make their way off my phone and into our hands.

How about you? Do you have a system to help your digital photos make their way into print? Or a good way to keep everything archived and organized? Do tell! I’d love to hear what’s working well for you.

Shannon x

PS: These photo books were made using the Artifact Uprising app (they’re the Everyday Photo Book). This isn’t a sponsored post – I’ve used Artifact Uprising for years now and have always been really happy with the design and quality of their products. I love that I can make these books, with their hardback cloth covers and thick pages, directly from my phone – somehow it always seems more feasible for me than making time to sit down with my laptop!


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January 10, 2020

Such lovely books to cherish memories! If there’s an ideal way to keep on track with making photo books, I’d love to learn. My oldest is 3,5 and youngest 1,5 and while we have a photo wall we change sometimes (mainly after big events: marriage, birth baby 1, birth baby 2, etc.), their baby photo’s still haven’t found a place in a nice book. I just don’t know where to start… And if I want to print them and make a old fashioned book with handwritten notes, or upload them and make a nice and clean (all with the same look and feel) photo book online. These look lovely, so I’m going to check the Artifact Uprising app!

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