Let experiences be! How playing back memories on a mobile phone can re-shape our memories.

playing back experiences

A couple of weeks ago Lara sent me an interesting NY Times article: Is the immediate playback of events changing children’s memories? It has definitely made me re-think the way I share photos and videos to my children. Don’t get me wrong — I don’t think it’s bad to let them watch videos of past events, but it’s the ‘immediate’ in the title that made me think. Why watch back a performance or any other experience immediately afterwards? What is that even adding?

In fact, according to the article, the change of perspective of watching a video from a ‘third person’ (versus the ‘first person perspective’ of the actual experience) can ‘increase self-presentation’ and ‘dampen emotional aspects of the experience’. Watching yourself perform or even simply ‘be’ in a video gives you an idea how other people see you — adding and even re-shaping the memory.

With upcoming summer travels in mind and the undoubtful incounatable amount of footage we will shoot of our children enjoying their holiday experiences, I thought this would be an interesting read.

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Florence HENIN
July 25, 2019

Such an interesting topic ! will definitly read that, thanks for sharing !

July 29, 2019

Don’t worry too much about it. There are so many articles now causing anxiety in parents about every little thing.
The kids probably watch the footage of themselves then forget all about it as they get distracted by the next thing around them and move on. Let’s face it, we all have so many videos of our kids, not to mention photos, most of which we never even get to watch/look at, and will only watch in years to come when we have more time.
Just keep loving your kids and don’t sweat the small stuff – they will be fine!

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