Weekend Getaway: A Cotswold gem, the historic Sudeley Castle & Gardens

Surrounded by lush hilly greens, Sudeley Castle is perfectly placed in a lovely valley in Gloucestershire, England. It is an absolutely stunning area of the UK and after our recent babymoon weekend away (with all four of us before we become a family five!) I wanted to share our trip with you.

Sudeley Castle & Gardens are full of history, one thousand years of history actually! And you can read all about the various Kings, Queens, wars and more here to get prepared for your trip. Today Sudeley Castle remains the only private castle in England to have a queen buried within the grounds-Queen Katherine Parr, the last and surviving wife of King Henry VIII –who lived and died in the castle. However, nothing will really compare to actually going there for a visit yourself.

There are plenty of things to keep everyone of all ages entertained — from ponds with koi fish, to epic Castle playgrounds, and even a Bee Trail to keep everyone searching the gorgeous gardens for clues. It is a really special place, with so much to see. And anyone with a appreciation for nature, or a free thumb, will be impressed by all the different gardens you can visit. Sudeley Castle has 10 award-winning gardens set amongst 1,200 acres of beautiful land with the most famous being the Queens Garden. And there is even a Phesantry! See, something for everyone.

We stayed in the very nearby Sudeley Castle Cottages, a short walk to the grounds of the Castle. The accommodations were sweet, with each room full of architectural charm and character! There are charming flowers planted all around, and lovely little places to sit and enjoy the countryside too. And if you book far in advance, you could even stay in the popular Castle Gatehouse. How cool is that!

Once we arrived in Winchcombe, we parked our car at the Cottages and never got back into it until we had to head home. I love weekends away where everything is close enough to walk to. The little village is adjacent to the Castle, and it has pubs from the 1500s, butchers, stores with locally grown produce, and a lot of very lovely antique shops too. A pretty perfect way to spend a few hours by strolling the streets of a little village.

If you do visit Sudeley Castle, we hope you have a very lovely time! It is truly a unique part of history, set in a wonderful landscape.



ps We went to Gifford’s Circus while there. Plan ahead for Summer 2020 to do the same! It was so very special!



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