Maternity products — a few little luxuries and some practical tips too!

When you are pregnant with your third child, you just have less ‘me’ time. So instead of getting new and lovely items for your pregnancy, you inherit hand-me-down maternity clothes from friends, you pull out some of your old clothes from storage, and you make do — which is a great way to recycle and reuse. But you also find that the last two pregnancies, the favourite leggings, the comfy dress, those maternity bras… well, they have lost their elasticity, their newness, and sometimes, you just need to splurge on a few things.

So I wanted to share the items that have been my favourites this pregnancy. And I also wanted to share the little luxuries that make ‘me’ time easier, more enjoyable, and help me to feel more prepared for labour and birth too! Yes, I have done it twice before, but getting into that mindset, your first or your fifth time (I am guessing) is a good idea.

So here is a round-up of my favourite things for all pregnant mamas, the essentials and the icing on the cake!

My 10 favourite maternity things …

  1. This jumpsuit from Beyond Nine — I live in this jumpsuit! I mean it! I have worn it since I was 3 months pregnant, and wear it at least twice a week. This jumpsuit is even comfy enough for doing yoga. Navy is my colour of choice, and it is the best investment. I wear it with a jumper, or a short sleeve t-shirt, or dress it up with a button down shirt. It has lasted until 39 weeks pregnant. It stretches with you, and looks smart. And every time I see another pregnant woman, she asks me where it is from. It is a brilliant silhouette, and I will keep this for after the baby is born too!
  2. These candles from Cradle & Tonic — This may seem like a non-essential little luxury, but honestly, I adore this scent, and it fills my bedroom in the evening with relaxing aromas. I love that the candle is specific to stages — Bump, Birth, and Baby. And they use essential oils and selected ingredients that have beneficial properties to support those three stages of motherhood. A brilliant gift for any mom-to-be.
  3. These books from Pinter & Martin — I am not a big believer in lots of pregnancy books telling you what to do and how to do it… but this is a well edited selection of books. Ina May Gaskin has always been my go to, we’ve discussed it before here, but I love these other well curated titles. Enjoy!
  4. A really good Osteo treatment –If you live in London, Avni Trivedi has healing and incredible hands and works beautifully to support pregnant women. And if you don’t live in London, then you should investigate a great Osteopath, because it can help in a million and one ways with aches, pains, soreness, and sometimes the feeling of being overwhelmed that comes with pregnancy!
  5. Yoga — I met Courtney and Esther in a mum and baby yoga class with Nadia! But it was yoga during pregnancy that really got me prepared for having a baby. This pregnancy I didn’t start yoga until I was in my 30th week, I found it hard to carve out time. But now that I am doing it again, twice a week, I am a changed pregnant mama. I highly recommend this DVD from Nadia. Or if you live in London, her classes at Triyoga Camden. Additionally, I adore Lolly Stirk’s yoga classes, which during the week are much easier for me to get to with two other kids to take care of. There is a lot of wisdom in a good yoga teacher, and it will prepare you for your labour! So treat yourself and get to a class, wherever you live.
  6. A hypnobirthing soundtrack — Hypnobirthing is a brilliant way to prepare for labour. I have spoken with so many second and third time mums who have never tried it. And if you can only carve out a few minutes each night before bed,(I listen and often fall asleep to them), then these soundtracks are available on iTunes. I love Katharine Graves because she has years of wisdom and experience, and her visualisations are beautifully soothing and supportive.
  7. This Lonely maternity and breastfeeding underwear set which is incredibly comfy and a bit sexy too! What more do I need to say? It feels great to look good and feel good! I own the black set. But the white is also so sweet.
  8. These free birth plan stickers — this makes doing a birth plan super simple! I love that Pinter & Martin have these for free to download. So get inspired and start sticking.
  9. These luxurious silk Yolke pyjamas — Great for both slinking around, without feeling half naked, and also for wearing as a day shirt, with jeans while breastfeeding! It is so soft on the skin so especially good (I have been told) by friends that have had C-setions as well. I have purchased a dressing gown and a few of their cotton items from a recent sale. But the patterns and silhouettes are gorgeous and will last for years to come. A little investment piece! And they can go in the washing machine too, so easy to clean.
  10. Can you ever have too many comfy and cosy maternity items when pregnant? Francis & Henry are a Babyccino mama staple! And this Nursing Dress can be worn during and after pregnancy… it is so soft and lovely. And it is already packed in my hospital bag too.

Don’t forget the 9 Months book. We read it every week or so to get the big kids to prepare for the baby too! It is a great way to communicate your pregnancy and get everyone excited in your home.

Hope you enjoy my suggestions. Mainly, it is about comfort and a bit of me time. Also, this easy homemade bath soak and this delicious smelling bath scrub are my go-to beauty routines once the big kids are in bed and I want to do some pampering. Because pregnancy deserves ‘me’ time.




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