Baby on Board — helpful badge of honour for pregnant mamas?

I have taken this little simple badge for granted until recently when one of my American friends was visiting. She was so impressed that mums-to-be in London get to have these pins to wear while commuting so they can easily get a seat, and have a rest. It is the Baby on Board badge. Have you seen them before?

They are simply done, in white and navy blue, and signal to other commuters that the mum-to-be would love your seat! It is a nod to urban life and the challenges of packed transport. Now here’s the thing, I haven’t worn one this pregnancy, but perhaps that is because my bump made it obvious that I am pregnant sooner than the last two pregnancies. However, I remember that while commuting to work everyday for my first and second pregnancies, these were a lifesaver! (I’m not afraid to ask for a seat, especially if I’m not feeling well, but the badge made me feel justified in my asking.)

Often, when you need the seat most, it is when you are not feeling well in the first trimester (but don’t have a bump to show that you’re pregnant). The badges are especially helpful when it is winter — layers disguise the bump, so people may really not notice you are pregnant.

I looked into it further, and it seems that both New York City, although I have never seen it before, and Amsterdam also have similar buttons. Have you seen them?

Would you feel comfortable wearing this pin while on trains and buses? Have you worn them before? Do pregnant women need a pin to prove it, as asked by Marie Claire? Since I realised how novel these are, I have since sent a few to busy working mama friends who live abroad. As a badge of honour, whether they wear it or not!

What do you think of the British Baby on Board badge? Even The Duchess of Cambridge seems to like them.




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