Tad — Sometimes the biggest stories have the smallest beginnings

Tad is tiny. She is the smallest almost-a-frog in the whole wide pond! She is even smaller than all of her tad brothers and tad sisters. As they are rushing through the shallow waters together, she has to wiggle her tail twice as hard to keep up.

As the days go by, the tadpoles grow back legs, and then front legs, and one by one they loose their tails. At night, when they’re carefully hiding for the scary and dangerous Big Blub, Tad likes to count all of her brother and sisters.

But suddenly it appears that there are less and less tadpoles to play with… Until Tad is the only one left. Alone in the dark, with Big Blub.


Tad‘ by Benji Davies is a very very sweet, and delightfully simple but strong story. It’s about being small, growing up, and being brave. Sometimes tiny hearts have the biggest dreams — and take the biggest leap of all… It’s beautifully illustrated as well! (Available from all good bookstores as well as Amazon.)

xxx Esther

PS All of our favourite picture books!


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April 10, 2019

Thanks for sharing! I’ve been itching for something more than recipes & book sharing and where we should take vacations! Although thanks for posting those hot tips and pointers 🙂 Can we discuss diastases rectis (ab seperation after pregnancy), raising boys in this #MeToo era, sibling rivalry, climate change, more products that leave less of a carbon footprint, skin care regimen for aging skin… just some ideas. Thank you for taking time out to read this. Much peace and love and light.

Esther in Amsterdam
April 12, 2019

Hi Jay, thanks for the recommendations! We try to do as best as we can, juggling a large household, running a business, etc etc — it’s not always easy to find the time to research and write a more ‘in-depth’ article! But we’ll do our best! 🙂 (In the meantime, you can find an article about sibling rivalry here: https://babyccinokids.com/blog/2015/01/27/tuesday-tips-preventing-sibling-rivalry/ , raising sensitive boys: https://babyccinokids.com/blog/2015/03/17/tuesday-tips-raising-sensitive-boys/ , using laundry products with less of a carbon footprint: https://babyccinokids.com/blog/2019/01/29/ecological-laundry-detergents-my-attempts-to-wash-cleaner/ , some skincare and beauty products I like using (I’m 45): https://babyccinokids.com/blog/2018/09/10/skincare-and-make-up-products-i-like-to-use/?c=beauty . I don’t know much about diastases rectis, if you do please drop me an email! (Esther[at]babyccinokids[dot]com) thanks!!

Joyce Morris
April 11, 2019

Ooooooo dear. Book sounds a treat, but oh the grammar!
‘ less and less tadpoles’ ! I would also question starting a sentence with ‘But’.
I love to read your recommendations as I have young grandchildren, but, in this instance I felt I should comment.

Esther in Amsterdam
April 12, 2019

Dear Joyce, thank you for your comment. Apologies for making a grammatical mistake. I’m not a native English speaker (I’m Dutch!) and even though my (written) English is probably ok enough, there are sometimes little grammatical nuances that I’m not aware of. I looked up the grammatical rule, and I now understand`and I should have written ‘fewer and fewer tadpoles’. 🙂

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