Easy Homemade Easter Stamps – Hoppy Bunnies & Eggsellent Egg Cards

This is my favourite new reuse of recycled toilet rolls, loo rolls, kitchen rolls or paper towel rolls…whatever you prefer to call them! It’s super simple and great for Easter bunnies and eggs!

We used one paper towel roll to make two bunnies and two egg stamps … which can make millions of cards. But if you saved up your cardboard tubes in advance, you could create a lot of bunnies and stamp them in a range of pastel rainbow colours too!

These are so simple, great for all ages, and can be decorated in any way you see fit. We even found googly eyes at the bottom of our craft box so added those in as well.

Materials needed:

  • Cardboard tubes from toilet or kitchen rolls
  • Scissors
  • Hot glue gun (or use white school glue, but this eliminates the need to wait)
  • Paint, we mixed our own pastels
  • Paintbrushes or wooden ice lolly sticks for stirring
  • Googly eyes, optional
  • Paper or blank stationary sets for stamping on


  1. Cut the cardboard tubes into smaller pieces.
  2. Bend the cardboard slightly to make ears, then hot glue the ears onto the face.
  3. The eggs stamps are simple, just slightly bend them to make them less round and more oval in shape.
  4. Mix the paint on a plate or flat tray to your desired shade.
  5. Hop the bunny stamp over and over onto the paint, it covers the surface nicely that way! (see photo)
  6. Stamp the paper card, or envelope, and then fill in any missing outlined bunny sections if there are any.
  7. Add funny faces, googly eyes, silly bowties, or anything you desire to personalise your bunnies!
  8. We wrote have a VERY HOPPY EASTER on many of our cards, and later signed them. We love the idea of opening the card to two bunnies — one for Beatrice and one for Joseph!

Hope you give these a go!

I also love these sweet thumbprint chick cards! We made them last year and they were loved by everyone on Easter.


Lara x

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