Noah’s Surf House in Portugal — a perfect European getaway

For the February break I had a bit of a dilemma. I did not want to go somewhere cold, but I also did not want to go too far away. I did not want to have to cook, but I also wanted somewhere easy going and not fussy. SOOOO I did a lot of research and finally came across Noah’s Surf House in Portugal.

It was perfect! Noah’s Surf House is about a 40-minute drive away from Lisbon and right on the sea. It has the perfect mixture of luxury and simplicity. The restaurant is great and not too expensive, but there is also a shared kitchen for anyone wanting to do their own thing. We stayed in a little bungalow which had everything we needed, but if you go in a bigger group, there are also bunk rooms to share.

The main attraction is of course the waves. We were super unlucky as we arrived at the tail end of a storm and so the water was too choppy for us to surf or paddle board. We did however all take yoga classes everyday and went for long walks and runs along the stunning beaches.

Santa Cruz, the village where Noah’s Surf House is based, is the little non-described, but the amazing town of Sintra is a short drive away. The lovely village of Obidos and of course Lisbon itself are really close too.

I honestly recommend it as a family break as there is so much to do with kids (did I mention the skate park, the hot tub and the swimming pool?) and everything is so easy going!

Basically we did not want to leave and we are finding it really hard to get back to work and school!

Emilie xx

This is not a sponsored post – we just really, really had a good time 😉 I also wanted to add that I am not very weather sensitive, so wearing a sweater in February to the beach counts good weather to me!


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March 12, 2019

Emily, thank you so much for the recommendation! We moved from California to Germany recently and the only thing we really miss is surfing. This place looks great and right up our alley.
Thanks again.

PS your kitchen looks so happy and inviting.

Emilie in Paris
March 12, 2019

Glad you like it! Don’t forget that Europe is so much smaller than the USA so Germany to Portugal is no distance at all for you 😉 Thank you for the compliment on my kitchen 😉

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