Shopping for a toddler boy

Wilkie, who turns two next week !!, is officially potty-trained. Hooray! It gives me such pleasure knowing I will never have to do that again! Five babies down…. no more to go…! Haha. (Of course there are plenty more parenting challenges to face, but potty-training thankfully isn’t one of them.)

Anyway, I had forgotten what potty-training means for your little one’s wardrobe. They can no longer wear onesies and cute rompers, not even the trusty dungarees!  Once they’re potty-trained, they have to be able to pull their pants up and down. Suddenly I realised we needed to buy some t-shirts and separate tops and bottoms, and this sent me on a little search for cute, easy-to-wear clothes for a toddler boy.

Of course I hit up some trusty favourites like Mabo for organic cotton basics and Gray Label for cute organic cotton shorts, but in my search for other brands, I’ve stumbled upon some new discoveries. I thought I would share them here:

I actually discovered Hey Gang in our very own shopping portal (it’s handy, that thing!).  I ordered Wilkie some tees, trousers and a pair of overalls (I couldn’t resist). They arrived in completely eco/recycled packaging, which I loved, and everything is so cute.

The new cotton tees from Petits Vilains are SO super soft (seriously, I want one for myself!). I’m loving everything in their new collection, including the organic cotton shorts and linen harem trousers.

I ordered Wilkie a few Nico Nico tanks from Darling Clementine (on sale!) and they are so cute and soft — like your favourite vintage tee. I secretly love seeing Wilkie in a little ‘muscle tee’.  I can’t get enough of those chubby little arms.

I asked a couple friends (both mums boys) here in Byron for recommendations on boy’s clothes and they both told me about the Australian brand Basikke. They specialise in clothes for women and men, but have a small selection of loungewear-style clothes for kids too. Apparently the quality is amazing.

I pinned this ‘Good Things Happen’ tee on Pinterest ages ago and couldn’t help but order one for Wilkie. It’s funny because I’ve never been a huge fan of slogan tees, but suddenly I’m in to them. Byron is rubbing off on me! Haha.

And of course there is the local Byron brand, Millk, founded by friends of mine. I love their sweet little shorts — Wilkie has a pair of the classic shorts in Fleck and they’re so sweet and short and perfect on his chubby legs. : )

Shopping for boys is definitely trickier than shopping for girls! Please share your favourite brands below.

Courtney x

p.s. Some tips and tricks for potty-training!


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March 8, 2019

Hi! We really love Red Caribou — they don’t gender their clothes, which we truly appreciate! Girls can wear anything, and boys can wear anything. In our family, we don’t like for companies and society to dictate that there are some clothes only girls can wear and some clothes that only boys can wear — we really encourage our kiddo to wear what she wants and what’s most comfortable for play (which is really her only job, in our opinion — cuteness is a bonus, but ability to move, play, enjoy, is our primary goal). While dresses are more commonly seen on girls than boys, we try to teach that someone’s clothes don’t dictate their gender, and someone’s gender does not dictate their clothes. Our biggest fear is that we’ll explicitly or implicitly tell our kiddo that she’s not acceptable because she doesn’t conform to our expectations. So we search for (and support!) brands and companies that simply lay out their clothing options by clothing type, and leave decisions about what colors and styles children wear to the family making the purchase.

March 10, 2019

I cannot believe he is 2 already!!! xx

Shannon in NYC
March 11, 2019

This all sounds so familiar, given we just went through the same wardrobe purge with N! Out went all the one piece pajamas, the rompers, the onesies…
We have a pair of overalls from Hey Gang that are nearly too small – probably time to order another pair! I was happy to be able to hold onto most of the pieces that have become so foundational in both kids’ wardrobes – the beautiful linen pieces from Red Creek, the lovely naturally-dyed cottons from Rudy Jude, and the simple but well-made basics from Le Petit Germain (of course we have plenty of beautiful basics from Mabo too 🙂). Off to check out the tees from Petits Vilains – they look to be cut on the leaner side, which is exactly what we need. xx
October 20, 2020

If you see someone wandering the streets of London with a black Laundry Industry shopping bag, you ve probably tracked me down.  Although they demand a designer price tag, the clothes from this Amsterdam brand are gorgeous (minimalist with a twist) and always a special treat.

April 29, 2021

Thank you Jessica for suggesting red caribou! I am 1000% with you on the non / less gendered kids clothes. I didn’t know about them but just ordered a bunch of stuff, thank you so much!

I have also recently discovered a very new brand called Firebird Kids ( built around the same principles. Same thing, their website is arranged as “tops”, “bottoms”, etc, vs boys and girls. What’s also helpful w that is that you can then have the younger siblings of opposite gender grow into that. American kids clothes is super gendered and it annoys me a lot. We lived in Europe for a few years and kids are just dressed so much better, and the selection is there. Anyway, I am ranting haha, thanks for the red caribou tip and def try Firebird!

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