The power of women — an interesting article about female endurance

A few weeks ago, Tamar was telling me about an article he was reading in the newspaper. About a certain kind of super-marathons, where athletes run for days and days with hardly any sleep or rest. I had never heard of these kind of races, but when he mentioned that the article discussed the fact that in these kind of extreme endurance sports women are thought to be more likely to win than men, I was intrigued. How interesting!

Recently, there’s been a race in the UK with an overall length of 268 miles (that’s more than 10 marathons!), and a total ascent of 13.135m (one and a half times the Mount Everest). It took the winner, Jasmin Paris, 83 hours to complete the track — beating the course record by 12 hours and finishing 15 hours before the next person (a man). Amazing!

It’s debatable if women are indeed stronger in these extreme sports than men. There simply isn’t enough convincing evidence to support the theory. But what I thought is astonishing about the story is the fact that during the few and very short stops Jasmin allowed herself during the days she was running, she not only ate and slept a tiny bit, but she also expressed milk for her baby daughter. How amazing is that?

breastfeeding on the go

The feature image of the article says it all. It’s not Jasmin Paris you see here but another female endurance racer, Sophie Power. Sophie was photographed during a short break almost halfway of an extreme race of 106 miles (that’s 4 marathons). While next to her another runner lies flat out on his back with his feet up, Sophie is breastfeeding her 3-month-old son. “I’d gone through the first night with no sleep, as a lot of runners had. But as a mother I was really prepared for that. In terms of sleep deprivation, I was probably the best trained person on the start line,” she says in another article I read. She finished the race in just under 44 hours of running, proudly carrying her baby over the finish line while trying to keep up with her three year old boy! : )

Aren’t women just amazing? We can run such extreme distance races, win them even — and we can nourish our babies while doing so! (Says she, writing these lines while breastfeeding her baby…)

xxx Esther

PS the beautiful and powerful photo is by Alexis Berg.


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March 1, 2019

These women are just amazing! I followed Paris throughout her race and I am just totally in awe of her. She is phenomenal but equally normal when you read about her every day life. Fantastic role models!!!!

March 1, 2019

I can`t stop staring at this picture. It has such an incredible and fascinating power. I am so impressed by the strength of those women. It is so impressive to me that you can have such a strong will and go through all the tortures of such a long and exhausting run.

March 1, 2019

WOW! Thanks for posting this! It‘s so amazing. And encouraging. Thanks for posting content like this!

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