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‘Everyone Eats’ by Julia Kuo, a cute book for toddlers

We’ve recently added the cute book, ‘Everyone Eats’, to Wilkie’s book basket in his bedroom, and it’s quickly become a bedtime favourite.  It’s a cute and simple book, featuring different groups of animals on each page and the foods they eat: rabbits eat carrots, deer eat lettuce, bears eat honey, etc. Not only does Wilkie love the different animals and foods, but the simplicity of the book and the colourful illustrations make it fun to learn colours as well.  Wilkie (nearly two) has suddenly become interested in colours, so we’ve been trying to point out colours wherever we can. And of course animals are always a favourite.  The perfect book for his age!

Courtney x


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Annie from Brimful
February 5, 2019

Ha – I love that Wilkie’s got his little Schleich pig out along for the read…perfect timing bc Chinese New Year just began and it’s year of the pig! 😉❤️🐷

February 5, 2019

Another cute and simple bedtime book is Tickle my ears by Jorg Muhle. It always makes my daughter laugh,

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