Carmen Sandiego – finally a strong female cartoon lead

I will let you in on a secret — we do watch TV ;). In fact, I really like watching television with the kids, especially now that they are older and we can enjoy shows together. (It goes without saying that this is of course in moderation). Some great content has been made lately, with amazing production values. It is a lot of fun cuddling up on the couch and finally finding out what happens next.

One of our current favorites is Carmen Sandiego, an animated series on Netflix whose hero is refreshingly female, kick ass and fun. We need more strong female leads in out there and Carmen Sandiego is a great start. There are education elements to it, but there are so well intertwined in the story that it took my kids a couple of episodes to pick up on it.

On top of that, the show just looks good. I have trouble watching too many flashy colors going all over the place and a good looking well designed show makes us all want to watch it.

Do you have some good favorite shows to share? Let us know!



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January 28, 2019

My 11 year old daughter has recently discovered Hilda and the Hidden People also on Netflix. It is a series of books and graphic novels and came recommended by her school so educational as well as fun. Side note but Netflix has some of the best shows available for adults and children alike – we like quality television too – well most of the time 🙂

January 29, 2019

You are so funny!! I love your secret and that you are a normal person;-)

Rosie Flynn
February 2, 2019

My girls love Carmen Sandiego too! I love it because we used to have a very ancient computer game called ‘Where in the world is Carmen Sandiego’ which was one of only two we were allowed to play on our early Mac computer as kids! The game taught us all the country flags and was a lot of fun!

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