Create a Winter Wonderland — make faux snow that is surprisingly real!

My children are desperate for snow! While I realise it is January and some areas of the world are covered in it, hibernating because of it, and wishing it would start to melt away so cabin fever would disappear. Meanwhile, my children are watching the forecast and wishing for flakes!

So this weekend we decided to make our own snowflakes. It is a great lazy pyjama day thing to make. And it is messy, and fun. This snow is excellent. It feels real, it stays wet, it is cold, and you can make a miniature snowman. As close to the real thing without it being real. Just playing with it is satisfying, a winter wonderland scene is a bonus.

How do you make it? Well, it is super easy! And I mean super! A two ingredient snow.

Materials :

  • Bicarbonate of soda (yes, baking soda… buy it in the cleaning materials area and it is cheaper there)
  • White hair conditioner (we used a very inexpensive store-brand one)

For the family of snow people we used :

  • Ribbon scraps (cut lengthwise to make it more narrow)
  • Black wax dots (or little pebbles, or small raisins would even work)
  • Toothpicks
  • Orange crayon
  • Silver glitter we don’t usually love glitter but this environmentally friendly glitter from Eco Glitter. And it adds a great sparkle.
  • Pussy willows or other branches to add a little forest to the Winter Wonderland

Here are the simple steps, and hopefully the step-by-step photos will help too!

  1. Colour the toothpicks in with the sides of an orange crayon create a carrot nose, and then break it in half to make two noses. (Be careful with splintering on the ends.)
  2. Mix a cup or two of bicarbonate of soda and a tablespoon or two of white conditioner in a bowl. Because conditioner varies in thickness, there isn’t a perfect measurement. So add the conditioner slowly, and keep pinching it with your fingers to feel the consistency isn’t too wet or too dry. We also add a bit of silver glitter for a bit of sparkle, but it is up to you if you want to include that step.
  3. You want to make a mixture of snow that can stick like a snowball. Although it will never be as perfect in consistency as real snow, it is fun to make but also a bit fragile, (flaky one could say!)  so parent help will be great.
  4. Once you have a ball or two, make the snow people! And decorate away.
  5. I covered a wooden serving dish with aluminium foil so the bicarb wouldn’t leave a stain, since the bicarb mixture stays very wet for days!
  6. We loved making a family of snow people. We happened to have some pussy willow branches which we added into little mounds of loose snow to make a forest-y backdrop.

As you can see the kids loved making it, and found it very satisfying. And the best thing, is that you can still play with it for a few days if you would like. So your fun doesn’t have to be finished with a winter wonderland.

We also love these wintery crafts : flaky cotton snowflakes garlands or paper snowflakes. Want some edible snow? We love these snowy lime cookies, there are just as fun to pretend it is snowing, and well, amazingly delicious too!

Enjoy a little bit of Winter indoors, whatever the weather outdoors!



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Rebecca Tory
January 25, 2019

Love! Thank you for sharing!

Alicia Peyrano
January 25, 2019

That’s a fantastically easy recipe! Thank you! We love using the Gelli version of Snow– feels so cool and looks so real.

January 26, 2019

This looks like a lot of fun for a children winter themed birthday party. How long do the snowman keep their shape? Do they “leak”? Could they be kept in a jar (dotted with white paint) and taken home as a diorama? Or is it more a temporary fun entertainment. Thank you for sharing this cute project.

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