Weekend Getaway: France, The Stunning St.Pierre de Serjac

St.Pierre de Serjac is relaxed luxury, mixed with the comforts of home, and surrounded by beautiful vineyards and rolling foothills. Placed perfectly in the middle of the Languedoc region, you can either choose to fully embrace the local culture, markets, cuisine, history, and have lovely little adventures (like a half-hour drive to Mediterranean beaches)… OR you can choose to stay and enjoy the stunning infinity pool, the endearing kids’ club, borrow bikes, play boules, soak in the spa or feast on the delicious fare in the restaurants.

We did both, exploring the surroundings and relaxing around the Chateau. The best of both worlds, and a wonderful holiday for everyone from two to…. forty something. : )

We aren’t normally resort-type vacationers… and this isn’t really a resort, but it does have more considered comforts than a normal hotel, or rental property. We love adventure, travel, and exploring new places, but we often holiday with our families abroad or with friends, often renting homes.

What is lovely about this is that you can rent homes, make your own meals, but also choose from the perks of a hotel, in a relaxed, and very easy way. Our ‘home’ while we were there was a beautiful three bedroom villa, complete with architectural character, soft tonal furnishings, and perfectly placed vintage French touches. A dreamy interior: modern, but charming. The kitchen was perfect when we chose to cook, and we had such fun getting local produce and teaching the kids to make ratatouille. It was a comfortable space, with an outdoor garden too!

And the hotel reception and amenities were just around the corner, providing us with a restaurant when we wanted to just dine out, an ice cream by the pool when we ‘needed’ a snack, or board games, DVD, and other toys they have on hand for children. It is a family-friendly place, without compromising its sophistication. They even arranged an English-speaking babysitter for a little date or cocktail in the bar. See, simple yet perfect touches!

There were definite highlights, which I am sure will help with your trip planning. I have listed our top five favourites.

1. Swimming! and the Spa. Yes, our children might be half dolphin! We loved the beautiful infinity pool. We swam until the sunset! And, depending on the time of year, you can also visit the Spa pool with children if it is off season. Luckily, we had access to both pools which meant two swimming sessions each day. Such fun!

I snuck off to the spa a few times on my own and what a treat it was! I love that you can escape from the rest of the world for a wonderful little grown-up moment. Beautiful aromatic lavender grows outside, with lounge chairs under towering pine trees, you will want to have a little snooze in the sunshine while your pedicure dries, (for instance) 🙂 … And really, if you can’t do that on a holiday, then when can you?

2. The Kids’ Club!  Look at that face and tell me she didn’t absolutely love the Kids’ Club! She begged to go again and again, and wouldn’t you? The absolute loveliest woman runs this club, who is a talented artist and a mum of five grown children herself, and she is just phenomenal. You walk thru the vineyard, across a bridge, and enter a world of pure childhood fun.

Good, old-fashioned fun. Nothing technological or too stuffy, nothing too serious or too disciplined. Building forts, going on treasure hunts, and painting tents! It is the perfect experience for kids, with art, nature, play, games, and music. Natural materials and recycled ones. Tactility, play, creativity, and exploration. When I picked up Beatrice at the end of one to the sessions, she was playing a kazoo, and marching in a parade with other children, carrying their paintings under arm and wearing smiles from ear-to-ear.

Having this option for kids, two times a day in high season, is such an incredible offering from St. Pierre de Serjac, it is exactly the place you want in a child’s memory bank.

3. Pezenas Market on Saturday is an easy and fun morning trip from St. Pierre de Serjac. We loved strolling thru the market and purchasing organic fruits and vegetables, sausages and cheese. Wandering winding side streets, and stumbling upon so many cute shops it was hard to keep track!  The town itself is a gem of history as well, and this article gives you a great overview of it.

4. Breakfast! (Or should I say croissants?) Basically food! 

The food at St Pierre de Serjac is so very yummy, and the highlight of the day for our children were those warm, freshly baked croissants. Our children devoured them! Thankfully the waitresses had seen it all before! (phew) You can also have breakfast  delivered to your door, if a lazy pajama morning pops up.

A really cute idea too for summertime is that they even put picnic together so you can bike to a lunch spot and then enjoy a delicious feast in a pretty spot! And for dinners, they will also put a BBQ kit together, with marinated meat and vegetables of your choice so you can barbecue in the garden of your little villa. How very easy (for you) and clever (of them)!

But the chefs at Serjac are magicians… breakfast, lunch, or dinner we loved our meals!

5. The overall experience was so fun! Lots to do, see, explore, and learn — especially all the lovely French nuances of culture and language! It is a place we would definitely love to go back to. It is a beautiful area of the world.

And we also loved visiting the nearby Chateau les Carrasses, their neighbour Chateau, which also had delightful views and delicious food!

A wonderful weekend (or week) away! St. Pierre de Serjac ticks the boxes
of a great family holiday. Thank you to the wonderful staff for such a great time!

Lara   x

ps Some of our other fun weekend aways are Granada, Taormina and Cornwall. Looking at these photos brings back such fond memories.


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January 9, 2019

Looks idyllic! Definitely adding to our list!

Lara in London
January 11, 2019

Thanks Kristen! Good luck holiday planning. x

March 21, 2019

Hello! What month did you visit? Looks to be perfect weather!

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