Maple seed dragonfly ornament

Maple seed dragonfly ornament

The last and the most simple craft tutorial from me for this year is this cute and delicate little maple seed dragonfly ornament. It is (again) made from dry, thin sticks and dry maple seed pods that are just about everywhere. At least here where I live.

Maple seed dragonfly ornament

The four things you will need are:

  • Thin sticks cut to about 5 cm each
  • Dry maple seed pods
  • Glue
  • Thin (gold) thread

Maple seedpods dragonfly ornaments

Take four seed pods (two bigger and two smaller) and cut just the seed parts off.

Maple seedpods dragonfly ornaments

Turn the bigger ones so that the rounded part face up and the smaller ones just the opposite. Glue them to the stick.

Maple seedpods dragonfly ornaments

Wait until they dry and tie the thread at the very beginning of the stick and at the end.

You can also leave the thread part out and use it as a part of gift decoration, it looks gorgeous on brown paper.

I wish you all peaceful and magical time and only the best things in the New Year!

xx Polona


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