Little Acorn People Ornaments

I ask this every single year but still – can you believe it’s almost Christmas again? It really does come faster every single year! And again like every year, I am so NOT ready. But, since the vacation starts next week I want to write down at least some craft ideas to (hopefully) make with my three wild beasts in order to get 5-10 minutes of stillness from them. Plus, we have soooo many treasures from our forest trips still which I plan on using in some crafty way for a couple of years now. So, I wanted to share with you a few simple tutorials that you can make with very small and also older kids this week and maybe help you to not go completely crazy during the winter break 🙂

First are these adorable little Acorn People Ornaments from the Beech Nut Husks. They are so very simple to make and absolutely adorable! You only need 4 things:

Beech Nut Husks
Wool for hair
Acorn Caps
Wooden Beads
Golden Thread

These are made in five simple steps:

1. Glue the bead on the husk

2. Shape wool into a “wig”

3. Pour some glue into the acorn cap and glue the hair into the cap

4. Now put some more glue on the top of the head and glue the cap with the hair on

5. You’re done with the doll now, just put a tiny dab of glue on the stalk of the acorn cap and tie the thread around it to make it an ornament. If you wish you can draw eyes, mouth, cheeks etc. on

xx Polona


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