Making beeswax candles — a lovely holiday craft (and a perfect gift)!

Making beeswax candles is a perfect DIY project for these cosy months of the year. Beeswax is entirely natural, even edible! So it’s perfectly safe to play with, even by the littlest children. But making beeswax candles (and decorating them) is a lovely activity for all ages. I really like playing around with the wax myself as well!

making beeswax candles

Making beeswax candles

Here’s what you need to make two average size candles:

  • one sheet of beeswax (just search for a supplier in your neighbourhood, sometimes they’re called ‘honeycomb candle sheets’)
  • one package of (Stockmar) decorating beeswax
  • medium sized wick

Cut the sheet of beeswax in two. If it’s slightly uneven, don’t worry. Cut a piece of wick slightly longer than the shorter side of the (halved) beeswax sheet. Press the wick on to the shorter edge of the sheet, and gently start rolling. Keep a slight pressure on the wax so that the candle rolls even and not too loose.

If you did cut the sheet uneven, make sure to use the straight long side of the wax sheet for the base of the candle, and use the longer short side to start rolling the candle. This way, the top of the candle will get a taper, like a real candle. You will see what I mean when you’re doing it. When done, cut the wick if needed.

Decorate the candle with little pieces of the coloured beeswax. The wax will become soft and pliable when it gets warm in your hand, and it’s really nice to work with. It smells so lovely too…

making beeswax candles making beeswax candles making beeswax candles

These candles are beautiful and burn ‘clean’ — they do not release harmful toxins like paraffin candles do. In fact, beeswax candles are said to emit negative ions which help remove toxins from the air. So they help to clean the indoor air and to reduce allergies and asthma.

I plan to make more of them as holiday presents for teachers. They make such lovely handmade gifts!

xxx Esther

PS Adorable handprint Santa ornaments — the perfect last minute Christmas craft!


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