An easy Christmas craft: clay ornaments and decorations

This is honestly the easiest Christmas craft, something the kids can do almost entirely on their own, and it has the prettiest result! Last weekend I handed the kids a package of Sculpey clay and some cookie cutters. I gave them each a glass bottle (to use as a rolling pin), and together they made a large collection of the prettiest clay ornaments. Some chose to press leaves and flowers into their clay, others chose to make simple hearts and stars, and Quin made the round snowflake ornaments which we eventually wove yarn through to finish. I love his ornaments so much — we are going to give them to teachers as end of year presents! I think we’ll use the small stars and hearts for gift wrapping and then we’ll hang a few of our favourites on our tree.

Here’s what we used to create them:

-White Sculpey clay
-Rolling pin (or round glass bottles — we found the glass was better as the clay didn’t stick to the glass)
-Cookie cutters
-Sculpey glaze
-Paint brushes
-Yarn and/or string

Simply roll out the clay to your desired thickness and cut shapes. Be sure to poke a hole at the top for the string before cooking in the oven. For the round snowflakes, we used a drinking glass turned over to get the round shape. We then used a smaller round shape and a small star cookie cutter for the inside. We then poked an even number of holes around the circle. We ended up with 10 or 12 holes in ours (we actually prefer the ornaments with more holes, so we’d suggest 12 holes if you can fit them). Then bake for 15 – 20 minutes.

Remove from oven and let cool.  Paint a layer of glaze over the ornaments to give them a nice shine. Once dry, weave yarn through the holes to form the star shape (similar to this star weaving project). Save yarn at the start and end to tie the loop for hanging.  That’s it! So easy.

Courtney x


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Annie from Brimful
December 7, 2018

This is adorable! I’m not someone who readily does crafts with her children, but this looks easy enough even for me. I wonder if using Crayola Air Dry Clay would bring a similar result, but no baking! Might need to experiment and report back. ❤️

Sabine Everett
December 10, 2018

They look lovely and festive. What glaze did you use for them, I can see a shiny and a satin one online?

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