Maud Fontein’s Happy Holiday Shoot at the ShopUp this weekend!

It’s become a real tradition — Maud Fontein photographing my children for her Happy Holidays shoot. They all look forward to it — they just love Maud! She is such a fun and easy-going person, and she makes people feel relaxed and at home so quickly.

This year, taking the photos involved throwing little white felt balls in the air, which by itself is super fun but also gives an air of movement and spontaneity to the photos. I love that the photos are black and white again too, with simple white ‘snowflakes’ as a background for even more snowflake depth.

Before I go into sharing too many photos (because I think they are all so cute and I can’t seem to choose the best ones!), I just want to let all of our UK followers know that Maud will be at our ShopUp event again this Sunday and Monday. Like previous years, she will set up her little room above the stairs of the Chelsea Old Town Hall, and make magical photos with the same fun snowball backdrop as she used for mine. So fun!

Maud Fontein Happy Holidays shoot


Maud Fontein Happy Holidays shoot

Aren’t these photos just the cutest? We did give Bram a dummy after he got confused (he was mainly frustrated that we didn’t let him eat the before mentioned felt balls), but I think that only adds to the ‘realness’ of these photos.

Maud Fontein Happy Holidays shoot

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Maud Fontein happy holidays shoot

I’m really so happy with these photos. I just love those little faces so much!! How fun to have them. (Here are some more — I told you I’m oversharing!)

Bram baby

Bram and Sara

Bram and Pim



Thank you Maud, for another fun shoot. Sign up for the ShopUp (by email).

And thanks Maud for feeding us all delicious soup! (Tip, everyone: Jamie Oliver’s Mexican tomato soup!)

Here are some photos of the previous years. It’s becoming a nice series!

Maud Fontein Happy Holidays Shoot 2015

xxx Esther

All photos by Maud Fontein


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Courtney in Australia
November 28, 2018

These photos are SO AMAZING!! I love the third one with Sara laughing. They’re all so sweet. I wish I could jump through my screen and kiss all their faces!!! xoxo

Esther in Amsterdam
November 28, 2018

How wonderful would that be!! Can someone invent such a computer, please??

November 28, 2018

I love them all. Truly wonderful photos to cherish! Congrats to the photographer!X

November 28, 2018

Such wonderful pictures!!

Esther in Amsterdam
November 28, 2018

Thank you! Maud has done a great job!

November 28, 2018

Wat een prachtige foto’s ! Wat een prachtige kinderen! 🙂

Esther in Amsterdam
November 29, 2018

Ah lief, dank xx

November 29, 2018

Oh Esther, you’re way too kind. Do remember it takes two to tango. You’re kids are just so nice to work with!! And I LOVE the photo’s of the previous years you’ve added. My god how time flies… See you in London babe xx

Esther in Amsterdam
November 29, 2018

Yay!! Can’t wait!!! ❤️ xxx

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