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Coloring Without Borders — a collaborative coloring book for charity

When my friend Jennifer Sofio Hall from Elastic TV reached out to share the concept behind her new project, I loved it immediately and couldn’t wait to share it here.

Following the crisis at the US border earlier this year where hundreds of families were separated from each other, Jenn came up with an idea. Working in film and animation production, Jenn works with the most talented artists and producers every day. She turned to the community of artists with an idea to create a collaborative colouring book to benefit Families Belong Together. The more people she told about the project, the more people they told… and soon Jenn was receiving emails from artists around the world, people she had never even met, asking if they could contribute to her book. And from there, the wheels were put into motion for a beautiful project with a wonderful mission: to help end family separation and to reunite all families who remain torn apart.

Coloring Without Borders features different sketches and illustrations by more than 80 talented artists from around the world. Each page has its own style and artistic impression and every encourages the child to colour or sketch something on the page, with text in both English and Spanish. More than just a simple coloring-in book, the concept is to encourage children — both Spanish speaking and English speaking– to colour the pages, to use the space that the artists have created to create something more beautiful, to express themselves with their imagination and creativity, to colour over the lines, to colour without borders.

Hundreds of copies of the book have been sent to children who have been separated from their families, and 100% of the proceeds from the sale of the book goes to Families Belong Together.

Courtney x


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Natasha Burns
November 19, 2018

Looks lovely but they won’t ship to the UK sadly, have just emailed.

Courtney in Australia
November 20, 2018

Oh I just checked with them and they said they definitely DO ship to the UK and to Australia!!

Natasha Burns
November 20, 2018

Thanks, I had emailed and they had replied no for some reason. It does now seem to be saying yes but shipping costs for 2 books more than the price of the 2 books! Costing over $100 for two. Would have loved to buy but cannot justify shipping costs!

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