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Personalised books for children featuring the child and the people they love most

Kids love personalised books. Full stop. We have collected a few over the years for our kids, and they still love those books so much. It’s like there is something magical and compelling reading a book about YOU!

This new personalised book, Ready or Not here comes…. by Sydney-based publisher MeMeMe Press takes it one step further. It’s a book about the child AND the people they love most, so it includes their family members or relatives or whomever matters to them most.

The idea was created by co-founders Keren and Noa who couldn’t find a book for their daughter that featured a family like theirs. They decided to create a book that celebrated every different type of family, whether your family has two mums, two dads, or a mum and a dad, or a grandma, four brothers and a cat… there should be a book about that type of family.

To create a book for your child, you simply go to the website, tell them who the child is, tell them who is in their family, and they do the rest! Marlow’s book arrived recently, and she loves it so much. I keep finding it under her duvet every time I go in to make her bed in the morning.  I think it would make a wonderful gift for any young child.

Courtney x


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November 16, 2018

This is a brilliant gift! I went to order a few books for friends but realized they don’t ship to the US. Do you have a company that you can recommend that will ship to the US that is just as sweet as that one?

Courtney in Australia
November 18, 2018

Hi Leni,
Perhaps it’s worth reaching out to them to see if they’ll ship to you? It’s always worth asking.
I can’t think of a similar option based in the US, unfortunately.

India Barron
November 29, 2018

Shame it doesn’t ship to the UK either.

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