The Babyccino Reunion PopUp – A little guide to the Marais

This weekend Esther and I will be at the Babyccino Reunion PopUp together with Amandine from @thereunion and Marine from Les Louves. I am especially excited as it is one of my favorite areas in Paris – the Marais! If you are planning to come and say hello to us and browse all the lovely brands that will be at the PopUp, here are a couple of tips of what else to do in the Marais.

The Marais used to be a big marshland a long, long time ago but was transformed into a maze of little street and little chateaux for the French nobility (the lucky ducks).  A lot of these little chateaux now house cultural centres and museums, of which the Musee de la Chasse et de la Nature is one of my favorite. I am not at all a fan of hunting, but this little museum is incredibly well curated and has some awesome exhibitions for kids.

The Swedish Cultural Centre , which I blogged about exactly 10 years ago (!), is still one of our favorite places to visit. Not only does it have great events all year long, but the café is an awesome place to stop for lunch or a piece of cake. It is super kids friendly and has a big courtyard to run around in. It is right beside the parc on Rue Royale.

The most beautiful square in the Marais – and maybe even in Paris – is the place des Vosges (see the above photo).  It is literally behind the PopUp venue. It is perfect to sit in and grab a bite to eat. One of our favorite things to do is to pick up some empanadas at Classico Argentina and devour them hot in the square.

In one of the corners of the Place des Vosges is a little garden that I actually only discovered a few weeks ago! It is the garden of the Hotel Sully. It is an oasis of calm away from the bustling place des Vosges, a perfect place to have a run around in.

One of the things not to miss when you are in the Marais are the amazing falafels you find along the rue des Rosiers, the most famous one being L’as du Falafel. The queues are often long, but it is well worth the wait. Also on rue des Rosiers the famous tea room Le Loir dans la Théière. It is a oldie but a goodie, the lemon tarte is amazing. A newer addition to the café scene is Maison Plisson, but it also has quickly become a family favorite. It is also a great place to pick up food gifts.

Hope you get to come and enjoy the Marais and don’t hesitate to ask me any questions!


PS For more inspiration don’t forget to check out our Paris City Guide.


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Annie from Brimful
November 14, 2018

It sounds like it will be amazing!

November 15, 2018

Marais really went beyond my expectations when we stumbled across it. One restaurant served us not 1 but 2 vegetarian burgers!

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