The Sock Solution

So I have given up! With the pairing of matching socks that is.

The lost sock is a problem that I am sure has existed since the beginning of time and no one has ever found a satisfactory solution. No matter how much we catch up with our washing, at any given time there is a pile of unmatched socks at the bottom of the clean washing basket. How is it that when I put a wash on full of dirty socks, only one of each comes back out? (I have no idea how Esther and Courtney do it, they each have 7 different sizes of socks to deal with — the mind boggles.)

My eldest daughter has decided that she does not like matching things anyway so mismatched socks is part of her look —  which is totally fine by me. My youngest and myself actually do like to have two socks looking the same. Frustration is guaranteed.

So here is my solution: from now on we will all only wear uni-sized black socks! Goodbye to stripes, cat and fox designs. I plan to have a big basket of black socks in our bathroom that everyone one can dig in every morning. There might be different shades of black, there might be slightly different textures of sock, but the overall effect will be fine and the panic of the missing sock will be a thing of the past!


PS Can you imagine what is was like back when we had to hand knit socks and kids would lose one of them? Ha! (Above photos are Bram’s little legs – the cutest! But soon he will start losing his socks too 😉 Taking cute photos of socks is a hard task, so Esther was kind enough to step in and help me out!) 


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November 8, 2018

So funny! A friend of mine actually started this with her husband (they have the same shoe size) and following her inspiration, I only own black socks now. Perfect for me. Thinking of you while wearing my black socks.

Lizzy in Minnesota
November 8, 2018

So true! There are four of us in our house (including my 18 month and 4 year old girls – both of whom like to steal their socks to use as gloves during dress up play or to put on their dollies!). I have a basket that sits in my laundry room with all of our unmatched socks; it’s crazy, but I’ve re-matched socks after several months (usually after finding the missing one my girls have hidden among their play things!). But I love this idea!

Hope Barker
November 8, 2018

Yes, yes, yes! And don’t even get me started about mittens!!

November 8, 2018

Love your comment about losing a precious knitted sock Emilie! I’ve been re-reading lots of my childhood books (Noel Streatfield/Enid Blyton etc) with my son lately and am struck by the obsession with clothes and the catastrophe of the kids ‘ruining’ them – its funny I remember noticing this as a child and not quite understanding the drama of it – now I can totally understand!!

November 9, 2018

Ha – yes it helps having the same size feet 😉

Emilie in Paris
November 9, 2018

Very glad I am not alone in the lone sock situation!

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