Linen bedding from Byron-based brand Of The Sun

Of The Sun is a beautiful brand of linen bedding started by two local Byron mums and friends of mine.  Their range includes bedding in all sizes, from king-size down to cot bed size, and comes in a range of the most gorgeous colours.

My favourite pieces in their collection are the two-toned duvet sets, which feature different colours on the top side and bottom. I got the single duvets for the girls’ bunk bed — one marigold and one protea and I love how the two duvet sets compliment each other because they both have the shell pink underside (the images below highlight them a bit better than the photos of the girls’ bunks).

The duvet set includes the duvet cover and one pillow slip and, like all their pieces, comes in a backpack-style linen bag, which can be reused for all sorts of different purposes.

I’ve been so impressed with the quality of the pieces too. I love the tie closures at the ends, which I always like more than buttons because there’s no risk of buttons coming un-done or falling off (which always happens with our buttons). And linen is easy to wash, dries on the line quickly, and actually looks best un-ironed. Yay!

Courtney x


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Esther in Amsterdam
November 7, 2018

So so pretty!! I bet your girls are super eager to go to bed each night : ) xxx

November 9, 2018

they look very creased? even though beds are made they still look messy, its matter of taste I suppose

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