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‘Fergus & Delilah’ — a story about a boy with Autism and the importance of inclusion

Fergus & Delilah is a beautiful picture book that celebrates diversity and encourages inclusion. The book was co-created and illustrated by Míša Alexander, a local mother of three boys, one of whom is on the Autism Spectrum (her son, Hugo, was at school with our kids before they changed schools this year).  Míša set out to create a book that would encourage children to be more compassionate and understanding toward children with disabilities, and the result is Fergus & Delilah.

Through charming illustrations and a sweet rhyming story about a girl in a new park, the book shows children that every child is ‘wired’ a little bit differently, and that every child deserves to be included.  Featured in the book is a little boy named Fergus, who has autism and is often playing alone, and a little girl named Delilah who sets out to make friends with him.

There is a section at the end of the book that is all about Fergus and describes what he likes and what he doesn’t like, and why he acts like he does (like flapping his arms and spinning in circles). Even more than the story, it is this page that my children find the most interesting. And because they know Hugo, the real-life version of this boy, they are able to better understand him and relate to him, which is, after all, the point of the book.

For more information about the book and the not-for-profit organisation, visit the Fergus & Delilah website.

Courtney x


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Ksenia Cannell
October 9, 2018

Courtney I have been reading the blog for many years and this is the first time I’ve seen a post about autism and inclusion! So glad that you are bringing awareness to such a complex issue. We need to teach our kids to be less scared of difference and this book seems like a great addition to every child’s collection. Please do include more posts about differences in our society!

Trish O’Dwyer
October 9, 2018

I adore your Instagram and have followed you since May 2018 and this too is the first time I have seen a highlight about autism and being different. Thank you SO much. As mum to a gorgeous autistic boy called Henry and founder of @autismthreads I am passionate about raising awareness, supporting families and helping to educate others through a blog and our products. Thanks once again. Thanks again, so happy to see this and will share.

October 9, 2018

I too have a different boy and I’ve been following you for years and very rarely seen posts about difference. Thank you very much for this one 🙂

Annie from Brimful
October 9, 2018

What a wonderful looking book on a subject that can often be difficult to explain to kids. I wish there were more picture books like this available at the library!

October 10, 2018

This is lovely! As an Autism teacher in London I am always looking for new books to help the pupils understand their peers! As a mother of a 2 year old, I think it’s equally important for him to learn about and understand others.
This is on my list now! Thank you for recommending!

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