Our family bathroom — renovation details and final photos

We’ve moved into our new home! After three months of renovations, we are in, mostly unpacked and feeling settled. It feels beyond wonderful to have our own home again and to be able to put our stamp on all the little nooks and corners. And there is something about this house that just feels so right to all of us. Like we’ve always been here!

Eventually, I promise to share photos of the entire house and to walk you through all the bigger design elements and decisions we made, but to start, I thought maybe it would be easier to share one room at a time.  The bathrooms, for example, required so many tiny decisions, and if you’re as attentive to details as I have been, you’ll appreciate me dedicating a whole post to one bathroom. : )

First, here are the plans done up by our architect to give you an idea of space:

Have I lost you with the technical drawings?! If so, below are some photos of the bathroom in its mostly finished state:

And here are some resources and notes in case you’re as interested in bathroom details as I am:

    • As I’ve mentioned before, the house was built more than 120 years ago, and because it already came with beautiful, old details and charm, I wanted to honour the style of the house and renovate in keeping with the era it was built. Keeping this in mind helped make it easier to make design decisions throughout the house.
    • It wasn’t as easy to find traditional clawfoot bath tubs here in Australia as it was in London, but I insisted because I loved ours in London. The bath tub is from Victoria & Albert Baths and it is the Cheshire bathtub in the ‘anthracite’ colour. What’s cool about this bathtub is that it’s made from a volcanic limestone material called ‘Quarrycast’, as opposed to traditional cast iron, and it’s strong, durable, easy to clean and naturally insulating.
    • We decided to leave the original wooden floors in this bathroom instead of ripping them out and putting tiles down. I just couldn’t stomach the thought of removing the pretty floors, and also it adds so much warmth to the bathroom to have wooden floors. To protect the floors from water damage, we filled the cracks between the floorboards with a black sealant, so no water could penetrate. We then coated the floors with a clear, matte polyurethane sealant. You can’t tell it’s on there, but it is meant to be really hard wearing. Fingers crossed!
    • I was inspired to create the little niche shelf on the wall after seeing this pretty bathroom on Pinterest. I still need to fill it with pretty knick-knacks and some potted plants, but I kind of love it in its half empty state. : )
    • I chose traditional subway tiles for the shower and small hexagonal tiles for the shower floor. I love the combination of those two tiles (we had the same in a bathroom in London).
    • We had a joiner custom make the vanity unit to match our kitchen cupboards. It’s painted shaker-style timber cupboards and drawers. The paint colour is Dulux ‘Grey Pebble’ in quarter strength. It’s a very warm light grey colour that goes well with our wall colour of Dulux ‘Natural White’.
    • The brass hardware on the vanity unit is from a US-based company called House of Antique Hardware, and I opted for the ‘unlacquered brass’ finish, which will age over time instead of staying permanently shiny.
    • The marble top is called ‘Blanc’ marble. It’s 20mm polished stone. I chose it instead of ‘Carrara’ marble because it’s warmer in colour. I’m so happy with the result!
    • All the tapware is from BelfastSinks.com.au. To be completely honest, we’ve been disappointed with the quality of this tapware. The plumbers have struggled with installation and we’ve had leaking issues which have caused stains on the tiles and been a huge headache for everyone. I was hoping to buy the Perrin & Rowe taps but they were more expensive. In hindsight, we probably spent just as much money on installation with all the problems we had, and we should have just invested in the Perrin & Rowe taps to begin with! A lesson learned.
    • The vintage wooden hutch is a favourite find from Oyster Linen. I love it so much and think it brings so much charm to this bathroom. I bought it a couple months ago and it’s been sitting in a corner of one of the bedrooms just waiting for its spot in the bathroom.
    • The lighting in this bathroom is from Edison Light Globes. The wall light is the Brass Adjustable Arm Wall Mount Light with the clear glass cone. And the ceiling pendant is the Clear Glass Coolie Lampshade Pendant.
    • I found the mirror in a local charity shop for $50.  Such a score!
    • Outside the window is a big, beautiful unfurling fern. It came with the house, of course, but the builders asked to remove it when they were moving that big window, and Michael adamantly refused to let it be removed no matter how big of a hassle it was. I’m so thankful he put his foot down about that — it’s so beautiful to see it out the window.

I think that’s it in terms of the details in this room.  We are all so happy with how it turned out. After the kitchen, it might be my favourite room in the house!

Let me know if you have any questions. I’m happy to answer!

Courtney x


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Annie from Brimful
September 27, 2018

Renovating is such an emotional process – but it looks like you came out the other side with a happy result! I especially love how you left bits of the old original house to shine beside the new tiles and fixtures. Well done C!

Lara in London
September 27, 2018

Courtney it is the perfect bathroom! Clean yet not clinical, and charming without feeling to twee! I love your nod to the home’s history too. You are so very talented at interior design. One thought, which you may already have investigated, is to use marine sealant on the wood floors in a few years if you have trouble with water damage. It works on wooden boats and ships, so it will work on monsoons created from babes splashing in the bath! 🙂 Just a little friendly thought. Love it all thou! xx

Esther in Amsterdam
September 27, 2018

It is absolutely beautiful, and I LOVE that you included the architectural drawings!!! xxxx

Courtney in Australia
September 27, 2018

Haha. I knew you’d love that. 🙂 xxx

Emily Waalkens
September 27, 2018

Hi Courtney, wow your bathroom is so beautiful!! Just wondering how many cms the subway tiles are? And is it light grey grout or dark? And we’re the wall panels already like that or did your builders do them? We are about to redo our bathroom and yours is just beautiful, I love every detail! Thanks Courtney for sharing these photos, I can’t wait to see more! Emily (from New Zealand) x

Courtney in Australia
September 27, 2018

Thanks for your questions, Emily.
The subways tiles are 100 x 200 mm and the grout is a light grey grout (but not the lightest grey option we had — it was really a medium grey).
The wall panels are new — we had to take out the original wooden panels to re-size this room, so we put in new VJ sheeting, which is cheaper than wooden panels and much more cost-effective to install. Good luck with your bathroom renovation! x

September 27, 2018

WOW! That’s like my dream bathroom. I would LOVE a claw foot tub. Thank you for keeping the charm. So many people and designers want to get rid of it. Can you come to Virginia and design my house?

Courtney in Australia
September 27, 2018

Haha! That’s so sweet of you to say.
I’ve loved doing this renovation so much, I’m thinking I might do interior design in my next life! 😉 xx

September 27, 2018

Hi Courtney, So beautiful! You are so talented at making a space feel on trend yet classic and in keeping with the home. Did you have to reinforce the floor under the tub? I was told I couldn’t do a deep tub over my 50yr old wood floors due to the weight – now I’m rethinking it….

Courtney in Australia
September 28, 2018

Hi Kendra,
Thanks for your sweet feedback.
I asked the builders about reinforcing the floors but they thought ours were solid enough as they were.
Also, the bathtub, because it’s not cast-iron, is pretty lightweight. Much lighter than our tub was in London, so that helps. Although I’m sure when you squeeze five kids into it, the weight adds up. : ) x

September 27, 2018

It’s absolutely perfect! Question: is there a reason you chose Delux paint over Farrow & Ball? I love the FB colors but know that they can be a hassle to apply…

Courtney in Australia
September 28, 2018

Hi Jo,
Thanks for your question.
Unfortunately you can’t get Farrow & Ball paints here in Australia, so that wasn’t an option.
But when we renovated our home in London, the painters discouraged us from using Farrow & Ball because it’s more time consuming to paint. So we just copied the colours and used Dulux in London too. x

Maria from Switzerland
September 27, 2018

Dear Courtney, I absolute L o v e it. Congratulations for your beautiful house! I have a question about the white marble. Is the same material you have used in the kitchen’s worktop? I am also renovating and I am obsessed with ideas. I can’t wait to see more. Thanks a lot ( Maria from Switzerland)

September 28, 2018

Really love reno – I love that you chose to keep it true to the period of the house. The vintage cabinet is a lovely touch – and love that there’s a practical amount of storage! We have a mid-century inspired modern home and 2 kids. Went with Farrow&Ball pain (all-white) and 4 years in are regretting it. Just not very forgiving when cleaning.
My only surprise is that your shower doesn’t seem to have a hand-held wand as well. My husband and I are always disappointed when hotel rooms don’t have one. Makes cleaning kiddos and washing hair and bums so much easier. I realize you have one in the bath but I feel like it’s essential in a shower. (Especially when cleaning the shower walls!)


Meagan Tidwell
September 28, 2018

I’ve loved watching your renovation process! So inspiring. I’m so curious what you did for wall treatments? I love the wood look! Are they just wooden planks or did you use some sort of beadbord?

September 28, 2018

Oh it reminds me of my grandparents place! So twee and sweet, especially the vanity unit, a little bit ’80’s. You must be so happy with it and relieved it’s all finished. Can’t wait to see the rest!

September 28, 2018

I love how your bathroom has come together Courtney ! My question is about your towels – towels or bath sheets and what brand and any tips for keeping white towels very whit ?

Emilie in Paris
October 1, 2018

So fun!! It is so nice seeing you guys settle in xxx

October 3, 2018

Hello Courtney, I love the beautiful old windows you’ve used, they are so true to the style and heritage of the house. The new paint and casings look seamless. Please do share your experience with working with old windows. Was the glazing replaced? Were there any issues with installing them? Did you change the locks? Any tips wou”d be gratefully received. Thanks Julie

October 4, 2018

Courtney, how is your house heated in winter?

Courtney in Australia
October 5, 2018

We have a wood-burning stove, which was in the house when we bought it (and it works really well). We also have a gas outlet if we want to buy a gas heater to hook up and use in the winter. It doesn’t ever get freezing here, but it definitely gets cold enough to light a fire in the winter evenings. x

October 6, 2018

Beautiful bathroom like the rest of the house
Could you please tell me the name of the vanity brass hardware? It looks right perfect not too old not too new.
Thanks and I hope you will do a house tour one day!!!

Courtney in Australia
October 7, 2018

Thanks for your sweet comment.
The brass hardware came from Belfastsinks.com.au.
(I left a note about it in the text of this post.)

October 12, 2018

Hi Courtney. I love your new bathroom! I especially like the panelboard. I am just in the last stages of deciding paint colour for my new bathroom. What did you use?

Rachel in South Carolina
December 11, 2018

Would love to know the paint color here! (is it the same as the rest of your home? Thank you!!

Courtney in Australia
December 12, 2018

Hi Rachel,
The paint colour in here is the same as the rest of the house. We chose Dulux’s ‘Natural White’ and we are so happy with it. It’s warmer than the stark white options and we felt like it suited this old house better than the whiter whites. (Hope that makes sense!) xx

Jessie Jönzén
February 9, 2019

Hi Courtney!

I love the warmer whites too. Maybe it’s a long shot, but would you know what a similar paint color to Dulux Natural White would be that’s available in the US?

January 19, 2019

Your home is beautiful and so inspiring! We are currently working on renovating a 130 year old home and are doing something very similar in our bathroom. Do you happen to have any photos of your subway tile shower with the small hex on the floor? I’m curious to see how they work together 🙂

Courtney in Australia
January 20, 2019

Hi Julia,
I will snap a photo for you and email it to you!
I really love the combination! xx

April 10, 2019

Hi again Courtney,

We are also doing a reno, I love the V&A bathtub in anthracite and we’re seriously considering importing it to where we live, in India! The fittings are quite hard to source in aged/untarnished brass though, can I ask what waste kit you bought for the bath and in what finish? Did you use any of the V&A ‘kits’? It looks like you didn’t opt for an overflow? Do you find that it’s ok with kids? (We have a 4 year old and an 18 month old). It’s so hard to make all these decisions! Any tips are so appreciated!
Thanks so much,
Emma x

April 13, 2019

Oh, also very interested to know if you used an overflow for your bath tub and what waste kit you used? xx

August 3, 2020

What do you use for a bath mat? I’m on the hunt and treasure your style!

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