Let’s talk morning routines (and an interesting approach)

We are well and truly back to school over here in Paris. The long nights and slow mornings of the summer holidays are over. It’s back to the real life routine.

I just read this article and it really struck home with me. As I have mentioned before, mornings are not our forte. We are all slow at waking up, and cranky at our best! I envy people who just jump out of bed with a smile on their face, ready to face the day. I need time and an excellent cup of coffee to be able to do anything!

If I add, on top of that, getting two other people ready instead of just myself (two people who are equally cranky), conflict is guaranteed. The solution of the author of the before mentioned article is to not manage her kids and let them manage themselves. This is very much what I should be implementing in our household. She describes it with the term ‘moral hazard’, an economic principle. It states that you will take more risks and be more autonomous if you know there is an insurance policy (i.e. a parent monitoring from afar).

Setting up a new morning routine is not easy, bumps are guaranteed. But, as the author points out, kids need to learn from their mistakes. She recommends not dropping off homework that was forgotten at home and not looking for that lost pair of shoes, which were not put in their place by the door. Learning from consequences must go back to the stone ages. Back then, if you left the cave forgetting your spear and walked into a sable tooth tiger, you would have been stuffed. So my guess is — you just did not forget it.

I also agree with her that part of the reason I do take on a lot of responsibility in the morning is because of my working mothers guilt and the need to prove to my kids that I am “on it”. But it is equally true that independent children will (in the long run) make more confident children — and that is my end goal.

– Emilie

PS The three minute morning routine


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September 25, 2018

So I am doing something like this with the 10 year old, but how to apply it to the 3 year old? 🙂
We have found that an old-school radio clock alarm was a crazy successful purchase and it is being used daily to actually get Edie out of bed!

September 25, 2018

(that is a joke about the 3 yo, although I must refresh my memory on tips for that age – the WORST!)

Ee kiat
September 26, 2018

Here in Singapore all parents are encouraged by the school to not help kids drop in their forgotten books and homework. They need a chance to learn to be responsible person. Given time and space, kids will eventually learn.

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