Biscuteers — a very British icing cafe for tea and fun

Biscuteers is such a cute little boutique and icing cafe! It is as sweet as the items it sells, and a very fun place to visit for tourists and locals alike! It really feels like you are a kid in a candy store with collections that specialise in hand-iced biscuits, chocolates and cakes.  And, before you even step inside, your senses are delighted by the fun, clever, and quirky exterior.  Actually you don’t even step inside really, it is more like a magnetic pull, you just have to go in! 🙂

Voted by Vogue as one of, “the most instagrammable places in London… Biscuiteers is an institution in itself in Notting Hill.  They do afternoon tea, or you can sit there and have (a cup of) tea, or you can go in and browse the biscuits.” There are two locations, and we booked spaces in the DIY Icing Cafe in Notting Hill, but you can also walk in to see if there are free spaces too. We went there for an end-of-school celebration, and it was such a treat.

The girls each chose three biscuits to ice along with a bowl of colourful bags of icing. Oh the temptation! It was fun to watch them ice away, with an occasional sneaky second or two of taste-testing as well. 🙂 After the icing was complete, they watched the biscuits go into the oven so the icing could set. Then they went home with little gift bags and big, happy smiles.


As you can see, the shop is a fabulous place for gifts and souvenirs, with a large assortment of London and British biscuit icons and cute iced details in the loveliest packages which look like the shopfront! They can ship internationally too, so you don’t have to worry about bringing the items home with you. There are biscuits for all occasions, from birthdays and thank yous to get well soons and new babies and they all come perfectly packaged in our hand-illustrated boxes and tins, like these Beatrix Potter biscuits which are a classic for new babies.

If you want to learn how to ice like a pro, they have the School of Icing, or book a delicious Afternoon Tea instead. And all of your purchases help to support the Great Ormond Street Hospital Children’s Charity for the last 9 wonderful years. They even dedicated a collection of beautiful biscuits themed around the ward names at Great Ormond Street Hospital. So you get to give back to a wonderful children’s charity with your biscuits!

Biscuiteers Icing Cafe Locations :
(check the websites for opening times and hours!)
Notting Hill
194 Kensington Park Road, Notting Hill, W11 2ES
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13 Northcote Road, Battersea, SW11 1NG

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