Caramel — the cutest place for children’s haircuts

We adore Caramel — it has been a Babyccino member for years on our shopping portal, and we adore visiting their little gem of a store in Notting Hill. They have several locations, but Notting Hill is so very special because tucked downstairs is an adorable kid’s hair salon and it is truly a parent’s dream! As if Caramel wasn’t already perfect in our book, you can go to this perfect one-stop boutique shop to get haircuts for children (yes)!, gifts, home decor, gorgeous bedding, pyjamas, lovely baby and children’s clothes, adorable shoes, toys, and books too!!!…. and you leave with less floppy haired children who are happy too… brilliant!

Caramel hair salon is the very place both of my children had their very first haircuts. And we even have the cute certificates that they give out to prove it! We go back again and again each time they need a trim to see Debbie, who has been a professional hairdresser for nearly 40 years. She also happens to be as calm as a cucumber (meditation and a beautiful outlook on life will do that!) and is a lovely person who understands the needs of both wriggly, chatty, shy, or silly children. She can cut hair from a few weeks old even, if your baby is born with a mane! 🙂

With my children, they have polar reactions to getting their haircut. My daughter could sit there for hours and hours, chatting to Debbie, and letting her brush, trim, and tie her hair up. She loves to hop up in that adorable vintage hair. Then she happily wears that super sweet cape to cover her shoulders, and is content to just hang out. Ah to be pampered!

My son, however, is a little wriggle pants. Wanting to play with anything and everything (rockets, the little vintage push dog, books, etc).  Anything instead of get his hair combed! cut! or sitting still! But Debbie patiently convinces him otherwise, cuts his hair, and he leaves with a smile. Even if it means he would rather play peek-a-boo, in that very lovely Caramel bed! 🙂

The good news is that nothing is too serious. Caramel is a beautiful place filled with fun for children, so this is not one of ‘those’ experiences that you hear many parents talk about and dread with children’s hari salons.

And because this is clearly the sweetest little salon in all of London, taking appointments only a few days a week, it is also in high demand. So I highly recommend calling to make an appointment weeks before your child’s hair becomes unruly and wild! Or contact them online.

At the end of every appointment, if the parent gives approval, the child receives a little old-fashioned style lollipop too! So even the wiggliest kids can look forward to their special treat.

Isn’t Caramel clever!

Thank you again to Caramel and Debbie for these fabulous haircuts. She even taught this mama a few new hair tricks for girls. So do ask her for suggestions for your children as well.

To visit :

77 Ledbury Road
Notting Hill
W11 2AG
+44 (0)20 7727 0906

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