Leek Tarte, a simple French recipe


One of the things I love doing when I am on holiday is taking the time to cook. You see, during the daily routines of school, work and activities I tend to stick to the same recipes. But it gets so boring!

When we were in our little French country house this summer, we spent long hours looking through recipe books, and searching for different ingredients, and deciding on the perfect meals to make. It felt like such a luxury to devote so much time to cooking!

So this year I wanted to tackle a signature french dish: the vegetable tarte. I love it but I felt like my version was lacking something. So after consulting several books and testing and trying, I had a little eureka moment (if that applies to making tartes) — to make a filling rather than simply laying different ingredients on top of each other.
Here is my recipe for a leek tart:
I softened a chopped onion in olive oil and added 4 chopped leeks. I cooked them on a low heat until they were soft and almost starting to disintegrate. While the onions and leeks were still hot, I added about 150 grams of hard cheese and mixed it in. I then mixed in about 100 ml of single cream. Finally I let the mixture cool down a bit and added in two eggs.
As usual I poured the mixture into a savoury tart base and baked it in the oven at 180°C for about 35 minutes.
Somehow the chemistry of having all the ingredients all be part of the same filling rather than being different entities is the making of a delicious tarte!
I’d love to hear if you have any tricks down your sleeves!
Emilie x


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