Skincare and make-up products I like to use (and are quick to apply!)

skincare and make-up products I like to use

I am by no means a make-up expert. I don’t use a lot of it (in fact, I just spent six weeks in a campervan without ANY make-up!). My childhood was quite, well, childish, and I didn’t use mascara until I was 18 and left the house to go and study in Delft. There, during the introduction weeks, I was shown by one of my new friends how to apply eye pencil (as in pulling the eye to the side so that you can draw a straight line). The next 15 years my make-up routine existed of exactly that — eyeliner, and mascara. I think it was Courtney who introduced me to the concept of an eyebrow pencil, so that was number three in my make-up routine. Now that I’m well over 40, I feel that my skin needs a bit more. Not much, but just a bit. It’s still me, after all ;).

Since some of you have been asking, I’m happy to share the few skincare and make-up products I like to use! All of these, I feel, are easy to apply and give a subtle yet effective result.

First of all: I’ve written about ‘Day Wear‘ by Estée Lauder before. It’s a greyish coloured day cream that magically comes to life on your skin and makes you look just a little bit tanned with just a little bit of glow. I love that product for the summer season! In the winter, I prefer to use the more toned down tinted moisturiser by Laura Mercier (I use colour ‘Bisque’). It is very natural and translucent but still evens out the skin and adds a bit of tone and lustre. I actually mix these two products to adjust to the season and the look I want to achieve.

I also like to use a bit of colour on my cheeks. I wish it was always there by nature but let’s be realistic!! I’m a fan of the NARS ‘orgasm stick‘ — and not just because of the name of it ; ). It does result in natural looking, rosey cheeks. I also love Laura Mercier’s ‘shimmer block‘ but I only use the pink shades.

When I was shopping for a gift for Sara at Lush recently I got sidetracked when I saw a product on the shelf called ‘Feeling Younger‘. (Admit it — you would too!) Anyway, I picked up this product in addition to Sara’s gifts because it gives a super nice and subtle glow. I only use a tiny, tiny (TINY!) bit, on my higher cheek bones and to highlight my brow bone. (I’ve read that it does something in our advantage which I now forgot about.)

For an eyebrow pencil, I like Browgal. They have a good selection of colours so it’s easy to find the colour that works best for your brows. I also like the fact that it has a built in sharpener and brush (although I never really use that brush? What for?).

If I even use make-up on my eyes, I use it sparingly. I like the thick waterproof eyepencil by Hema. It’s a bit in between eyeliner and eyeshadow and gives a softer look. I also use eyeliner but I’m still looking for the perfect one — which doesn’t end up below my eyes, emphasising tiredness instead of masking it! Speaking off, and I forgot to photograph this, is La Prairie Brightening Eye Treatment Concealer — my under eye concealer. Such a nice product (yes, it’s expensive but it comes with a refill and I’ve had mine for a year and haven’t even started the refill yet).

Recently, I bought new mascara by Chanel and it is amazing! I have never owned such a nice mascara, and it has such a chic cover! (When I was in the make-up store with Ava, and while waiting for the shopping assistant, I had fun trying a bit of sparkly golden eye colour, also by Chanel. Since both the shop lady as Ava said they LOVED the look of a bit of glitter above my eyes, I couldn’t resist picking that up as well. One has to nurture one’s inner 8 year old girl sometimes!)

As for my lips I only use chapstick. Whenever I try to use lipstick I feel weird with it. So chapstick it is. (I mostly use Aesop.)

That’s it! Most days I quickly apply some tinted moisturiser on my face, dash a bit of colour on my cheeks, use the eyebrow pencil and put on chapstick. It only takes a minute. If I feel more inspired, the under eye concealer, the eyepencil and some mascara. (Another minute.) The golden sparks and the glow are extra special!!

skincare and make-up products I like to use

Now for skincare. Here’s what I do: in the morning, I wash my face in the shower. I use Aesop’s face wash. Once a week or even less I also use their facial scrub. (Tamar uses these same products, BTW.) After my shower I apply facial oil. I use Aesop’s Fabulous Face Oil which I like but is almost too heavy and rich, so I alternate with Superseed’s Radiant Energy, which is very soft and lovely. I also love to spray True Botanicals Hydrating mist over my face. I got this bottle at the NY ShopUp last year and love this product. (It will be sad when I run out as it’s difficult to get here in Europe.)

skincare and make-up products I like to use

Now that I’m speaking of beauty products, I also wanted to mention Abel’s new scent NURTURE, developed in cooperation with Gray Label. It’s meant for mothers and the scent is entirely natural and so, so lovely. The Dyptique candle (Tubereuse) was lit during Bram’s birth and it will always be a favourite.

That’s it! Hope you found this useful. I always love to hear about other women’s favourite beauty products, so if you have any tips or thought, I’m all ears. I’m still a bit of a nitwit, after all.

xxx Esther



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September 10, 2018

I don’t wear much make-up too. On weekdays I only use mascara and I use a lashcurler before that. When I’m going out I use some powder and eyeshadow. Years ago I went on vacation with a friend and she convinced me at Schiphol to buy the Dior eyeshadow. And I never bought another brand again. It has a nice little sparkle and it sticks for hours!

September 10, 2018

Many of these brands use animal testing. It’s amazing to me how quietly brands (including MAC being owned by giant Estée Lauder which would break the hearts of the founders) introduced or reintroduced animal testing in order to sell their products in China!

September 10, 2018

What a great post – thanks! I don’t use any makeup; only a tinted moisturiser by Aveda. I’ve always struggled finding products that agree with my skin, especially moisturisers – they often feel really heavy so was great to read about these ones which are tried and tested. Do your children have any type of skincare regime? We just use mild soap and water at the moment (sometimes just water) but would be interested to know what others do xx

Esther in Amsterdam
September 11, 2018

Yes Sara and Pim use facial wash too, and a moisturiser. They also use deodorant and have little stick they use in case they have blemishes. They use this brand:

September 11, 2018

I’ve been wanting to try a hydrating mist. Must add it to my shopping list.

What do you use to take off make up and mascara at night? I must admit I am guilty of falling asleep with it all on from time to time.

Esther in Amsterdam
September 11, 2018

Haha, same here. I have a make-up remover from Aesop that I sometimes use. Ideally I wash my face — again using the Aesop face wash. But that’s the ideal scenario — mostly I’m too tired in the evening to care…

September 11, 2018

Hey Esther,
Ik kocht de Hydrating Mist in Lille (Fr). Niet zo heel ver van A’dam. Voor een globetrotter als jij tenminste…. 😉
Grts, Isabel

October 31, 2018

Hi. Great sharing your Skincare and make-up products experience! I’m also 40+, I feel that my skin is dehydrated and dull. So I needs more care and best products to improve my skin health. I usually apply moisturizing cream everyday and I have just bought skin lightening creams some as shown here The lightening creams help my facial skin lighter and brighter. I believe that we can keep the skin look younger although we are 40+.

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