A tip for homesick children (or for children who leave home for a few days)

Pim started his last year in primary school this week! It’s going to be a fun and exciting year for him, with the school musical, the fashion show, choosing a secondary school… And then at the end of the year, saying goodbye to his classmates who will all scatter to different schools. But first, the much anticipated school camp! Immediately the first week of the year they leave for three days to a location which is not really disclosed to parents (although I’m sure the school will tell you if you really want to know), and we don’t hear from them AT ALL (unless in case of a serious problem, obviously). The children look forward to this for weeks, months, years even! So it’s a big and exciting deal.

a tip for homesick children
So we dropped Pim off at school with his little suitcase, backpack and sleeping bag on Wednesday morning and waved goodbye to him — expecting a super dirty and tired boy back later this afternoon!

Just in case he would miss us (I’m sure he won’t), or in case we would miss him (we do), we all drew a little heart on our wrist during breakfast that day. Meant as a magic connection point between all seven of us (Bram has a little heart too). I also wrote him a little note that I secretly stuck in his toiletries bag. I remember my own school trips, it was exciting and cool, but I also felt a little lost… These simple and sweet little gestures might help a little in case he feels this way too!!

xxx Esther


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September 7, 2018

I love this. Thank you. I travel for work and my four year old always has a hard time with it. Hoping this may help.

September 7, 2018

What a simple but lovely idea. I’m a single parent and dread the weeks apart during the holiday as my son’s emotions become churned up, as of course do mine! Perhaps with a sharpie it will last the week!

Luke Gray
November 14, 2018

This is really good to read…. Thank you

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