The Simplest and Healthiest Fruit Ice Lollies!

Sometimes the simplest things are often over looked, and these whole fruit banana and watermelon ice lollies are the perfect example. I was recently told by my friend that these are ingenious. (I tend to agree!) They are a game changer!  Simple and sweet.  These ice lollies are a staple in our freezer and are the perfect snack! They require a few minutes (at the most!) of prep to make, and are an instant win. Actually, they are so simple and easy it didn’t even occur to me to post about them until they recently created a bit of buzzy excitement at school pick-ups which I brought to help cool my daughter down during our three week (and counting) London heat wave. (hooray!)

Children can help you make them (like my 5 and 2 year olds), and they will be proud of the end result! And all children (and adults) will be love them. They are as healthy as having a piece of fruit, because that is precisely what they are. Just frozen, and on a stick. So even healthier in fact than whizzing up fruit, using juice, smoothies, purees, etc and no hassle like cleaning up blenders or lolly containers to make them. You can probably do this with many types of fruits, but our two house favourites are banana and watermelon!

The banana goes very creamy and smooth — a lot like ice cream, after it has been frozen. And the watermelon tastes even sweeter and juicer as it melts. It even has the classic fruit lolly crush sound when you bite it.

The simple ingredients:

Banana Ice Lollies :

Peel bananas, slice in half (if large), insert wooden lolly stick into cut half, wrap up so they don’t touch one another (or get freezer burned), then play in freezer until frozen! Done!

Watermelon Ice Lollies:

Cut the fruit into quarters, so the wedges are easy to eat (these wedges can get very heavy when frozen so don’t make the pieces to big), then cut a little slice into the middle of the rind of each wedge, and just insert the lolly stick. Wrap well, and freeze. Enjoy!

Whole fruit ice lollies don’t melt as quickly, so are easier to travel with too, and don’t make even half as much of a mess as regular ice lollies! But do not worry, I am not that strict of a mama, my kids love the good ol’ ice lollies as well and some days they even have one of these and one of those. They think they’ve had a special double ice lolly day, and I just smile!

Enjoy summer days and your new genius healthy and yummy ice lollies!

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