A tassel toothpick, or: a tooth fairy wand :)

Tassle Tootpick

Ever since my first daughter Tila lost her first tooth I do something silly when she leaves her tooth for the ‘tooth fairy’. In Slovenia, where my husband and I come from, we have a tooth mouse instead of a fairy. So every time Tila leaves her tooth under her pillow I replace it with a tiny present (or a 1 or 2 euro coin if it’s weekend). Plus a few raisins which are supposed to be mouse poop! This makes her laugh every time, even now when she knows the truth about the ‘real tooth fairy’, or in our case, mouse.

Tila lost 3 teeth in the last couple of weeks and this time I decided to add a tiny something that I thought she would also really like. So I made a tooth fairy wand and it took me under 5 minutes! It turned out pretty cute and I think it might also look great on a cake or on muffins etc..

Tassle Toothpick
There are only four things you need to make a tooth fairy wand:
– a toothpick
– thin (gold) paper or tissue paper (size about 5 x 7 cm)
– double sided tape
– scissors (I suggest embroidery scissors if you own a pair)

a tooth fairy wand

tooth fairy wand

tooth fairy wand

tooth fairy wand

Tassle Tootpick

1. Cut the paper into strips leaving about 1 cm at the bottom to keep it together
2. Cut the right length of the double sided tape and carefully tape the sticky side to the bottom of the tassle. Remove the backing.
3. Cut the pointy tip on one side of the toothpick and place it down at the beginning of the tape.
4. Now start rolling the toothpick along the entire length as straight as possible to wrap the tassle around the toothpick several times. You’re done!

– Polona

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PS A visit from the ‘Dummy Fairy


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Esther in Amsterdam
July 10, 2018

What a cute idea! I’m definitely trying this when the tooth fairy visits again! xx

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