Easy Frittatas — perfect for breakfast, lunch or dinner!

Frittatas are fantastic! Our family frittata is a staple in our repertoire. It can be dressed up for guests or kept casual. It is easy to make, packed with goodness, a great way to reuse leftovers or new fresh ingredients, and simply the perfect meal for anytime of day — breakfast, brunch, lunch or dinner! We love making this fail-proof, delicious, and healthy meal. And it only takes about 30 minutes to make.

You choose and customise the recipe you like best — whether that is veggie only, or something meaty, or simply what you find in your fridge! 

In our family, it generally consists of a few main ingredients, and anything extra is a bonus. Once you get used to the basic steps, you won’t need to review the recipe each time. Have fun with it!

  • 1 yellow or red onions
  • 2 red, yellow, or green peppers (we like one of each!)
  • 1 handful of cherry tomatoes
  • 1-2 cups of grated cheese (we prefer cheddar but this is again where a leftover smorgasbord of cheeses is often fine!)
  • chorizo (for a vegetarian option)
  • a few sprigs of fresh parsley (if available)
  • 8-10 eggs, lightly beaten before adding to the mixture 
  • salt & pepper

You should be inspired to try your own ideas, but in this frittata we also used the previous night’s :

  • 1/2 cup slow roasted cherry tomatoes
  • 1/4 cup carmelised yellow onion 
  • 1 cup shaved corn off of corn on the cob 
  • 1/4 cup mini roasted potatoes with skin on
  1. Dice up your onions and peppers 
  2. Slowly sauté the onions and peppers in a combination of olive oil and butter to add flavour. We love using cast iron pans, they are so easy to use! (You can cook with it on the hob, then put it in the oven, and once cool, store items in it in the fridge. then reheat it in the oven. So it keeps mess and clean up to a minimum. A one-pan meal is wonderful!)
  3. To save time while the first round of vegetables are cooking, dice up any chorizo, etc, and the remaining vegetables.Grate the cheese into a separate bowl. Then lightly pre-beat the eggs in another bowl
  4. Preheat the oven to 220 degrees celsius to warm the oven
  5. Let the peppers and onions cook until clear and soft but not brown! Then if using meat, add the chorizo (or bacon, sausage, etc) for 5 minutes
  6. Add in any other vegetables, a bit of salt and pepper, then once fully mixed, turn up the heat and add in the egg mixture. You are trying to get rid of wetness / moisture quickly by turning / folding with a large spatula. *(See how wet the mixture looks in the photo next to the bowl of cheee, it is still gooey but not fully cooked or pools of wetness.)
  7. Then take off of the hob, sprinkle on the cheese, add any parsley, and add a few halved cherry tomatoes cut size up for a fancy pizza-like look.
  8. Now turn the oven to the grill setting and place the frittata under the grill, for about 10 – 12 minutes but keep an eye on it. 
  9. Once the frittata is golden brown and bubbly, remove, let cool for 5  – 10 minutes, then slice into it!
  10. Enjoy with salad and pine nuts or whatever you fancy! 


ps Have you tried this salad recipe? I think it would be a great compliment to a dinner time frittata.


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July 5, 2018

Looks lovely! Are you able to share what diameter of pan you used?

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