A fun video of our latest ShopUp event!

ShopUps are always such fun events! The products, so colourful and pretty, the people, so stylish and happy, the children, so cute and playful! The stands with their signature ShopUp house backdrops, which are filled to the brim with the most beautiful merchandise, are always so beautifully decorated by all of the shops and brands. The food stalls look so cool and offer delicious snacks and drinks. The entertainers are so talented and so much fun to watch!

Words and photos can’t even describe how fabulous a ShopUp event really is. You really have to experience it to believe it! But here’s a little video of our last ShopUp in East London (shot and edited by our lovely and talented friend Nadine Brandt). It encapsulates the ShopUp atmosphere really, really well, and it makes me so excited for the next one! (Which, by the way, will be in an entirely new city! We’ll share soon, so stay tuned!!)

Enjoy watching!

xxx Esther

PS You can find more lovely photos by Nadine Brandt in our recap of the East London ShopUp here!


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