Echo Park Lake – An Oasis with Swan Boats, Canoes and Gondolas

Echo Park Lake is located in East Los Angeles, sandwiched between Silverlake and Downtown Los Angeles. This area has seen a shift in the past ten years, becoming one of the trendiest neighborhoods of Los Angeles, period. Trendsetters and Trendseekers have moved into this once scary neighborhood and transformed it into a family-friendly place with plenty of art galleries, live music, and casual dining options.

The lake was formerly used as a drinking water reservoir before it underwent a two-year makeover to become a destination for recreation. You can walk the track around the lake (one full lap took us 30 minutes with a toddler on a scooter!), pedal your way across the lake on one of the signature white swan boats, or set up a picnic on the lawn and enjoy the views of the downtown skyscrapers in the distance. If you forgot your picnic, there are plenty of sidewalk vendors selling food, or Square One at the Boathouse sells drinks and snacks as well.

Hard to miss, but check out that impressive fountain in the middle of the lake! Its a showstopper and a landmark, and reminds of the new era of the park as a family-friendly destination.

There is a semi-shaded playground for children on the north-west corner of the lake. Picnic benches and tables can be found under large trees in that corner of the lake as well.

The boathouse and Square One bistro is located on the east side of the lake (more or less centered). There is great lawn-space right by the boat house for laying out a blanket and reading a book or people watch.

There is street parking all around the lake. On the weekends these spots fill up quite rapidly. Sunset Blvd two blocks away is bustling with coffee shops, restaurants, vintage stores etc. The only thing you can’t do at this lake is go for a swim, but you can watch all the birds and fish in the water instead!


Echo Park Lake:
751 Echo Park Ave, Los Angeles CA 90026

Annual Lotus Festival:

Check here for more information, or call (213) 485-1310
Pedal Boat, Canoe and Gondola Rentals:
Year-Round, 9am – Sunset (weather permitting — but its LA, so basically every day of the year)
Rental Fee Information, here


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