Caro Bambino – A Sustainable and Organic Baby Shop

New parents, look no further! Caro Bambino is a wonderful (as in, one of the best local) one-stop shops for ALL your baby needs, from adorable baby clothing and mild baby soaps to cribs, strollers and car seats. The list goes on. Everything has been carefully curated and selected to include only the best test-driven baby and children’s brands and products. Sustainability and quality are at the forefront of the store’s criteria for inclusion, which just amplifies the greatness of the products offered.

Can we take a minute to admire their well-designed and friendly interior? You need not be an interior designer by trade like myself to applaud the beautiful displays and layout of the space. A curved center stage with wooden trees are playfully placed to guide your path through the store. But where to start! Everything is so beautifully displayed!

The space is fun to hang out in for children as well. There is a dedicated play area for children which elevates the shopping experience exponentially for parents. Even if you are not looking for anything in particular, you will for sure find something you want!

If you are a first time parent, I would advise signing up for your baby registry with Caro Bambino. The experience of selecting the items in store is so encouraging for a new parents, because the selections are all top to begin with. Caro Bambino only has one physical location (in Santa Monica), but make sure to check out their online store if you are not local. Their community is wide-reaching!


Caro Bambino
2710 Main Street, Santa Monica, CA 90405
Open Mon-Sun 10am – 6pm


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