The Nesta’s Nest baby bed, handcrafted and all-natural

nesta's nest baby bed

Our bedroom is a very calm place if you compare it to the rest of the house. It’s on the top floor, above the kids bedrooms and the living rooms where all of the craziness takes place. Ascending the stairs to our bedroom means leaving behind the hectic life, and entering the quiet quarters.

Bram knows this too. Downstairs there is the noise of play, the colours and contrasts of plants and furniture, the movements of people. The smells of cooking from the kitchen, the sounds of the birds… and lots of people who want kisses and cuddles.

Upstairs, it is white and quiet. It smells sweetly of flowers. There are only a few people, who speak (or sing) slowly and softly. As soon as we enter our bedroom with Bram, he visible relaxes! He knows this is where we bathe, and sleep, and be calm.

nesta's nest baby bed
nesta's nest baby bed

In our bedroom is his beautiful Nesta’s Nest baby bed. This is where he sleeps in the evenings. After we have changed him in his pyjamas (maybe we have given him a bath before), we swaddle him. He already puts his little arms next to his little body — he knows what we’re doing, he loves being swaddled! And then we put him in his bed, we play his music box and gently rock his bed. I always tell him that his papa loves him, that Sara loves him, and that Pim, and Ava, and Casper love him too. And his mama, of course. He looks at me, and smiles. (This always makes me cry!) I see if he wants his dummy, I kiss his forehead and his eyes, and rock him a little more until he falls asleep.

When I go to bed later, he usually wakes up for a feed. I then take him in our bed with me. So we co-sleep the rest of the night. But in the morning, after breakfast and the hectic moments before everybody leaves for school and work, I take him upstairs again. I swaddle him and put him back in his little bed where he sleeps while I shower, get dressed, clean up breakfast, do laundry, and try to get some work done. When he wakes up I dress him and the rest of his naps he takes downstairs or in his push chair. But the mornings and evenings he sleeps in his baby bed, and he loves it.

nesta's nest baby bed

The Nesta’s Nest baby bed is designed and entirely made by hand, a creation of the lovely Heidi Schaefer from Berlin. When pregnant with her firstborn Nesta, and looking for something which was not factory produced and entirely natural, she ended up creating her first baby nest herself. Made our of a thick 100% untreated merino wool felt, the basket shelters and gives warmth. And is simply beautiful. The cradle stand is made of beech wood and is low enough to sit nicely next to the parents’ bed, making it easy to lift baby out at night. It rocks gently, which babies love when falling asleep.

When baby outgrows the Nesta’s Nest baby bed, it can be used to house books or toys, continuing to be beautiful and serve a function. Until another baby will be sleeping in it!

xxx Esther

PS The perfect bath for newborns


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May 28, 2018

Ah so sweet!!!! I had this bed too. For my last two babies but unlike you my babies only slept or napped on me. I’m fact as
I type my 2.2year Old is on my boob as he has been all night 😫 I sort of love it but am exhausted!!!!! Well done for having nap time in his bed !!!

Esther in Amsterdam
May 31, 2018

I hear what you’re saying! I have to be careful because Bram is starting to get used to having a nipple in his mouth 😬 xxx

December 2, 2020

first time mom – or planning to be (soon!) is this in place of a traditional crib? or is this just newborn and then baby moves into bigger crib as he/she/they age? TIA! 😀

Esther in Amsterdam
December 3, 2020

It’s for the first months. So yes, newborn, up to 5 month or so, depending on the size of the baby.

June 1, 2021

Awesome post! Thanks for sharing the knowledge and keep up the good work.

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