The breathtakingly beautiful Temperate House at Kew Gardens

The Temperate House in Kew Gardens is the largest Victorian glasshouse in the world. And it has just reopened after an extensive five year project, revealing its magnificent glory. Without question, it is not to be missed at Kew. The Temperate House is awe-inspiring for a multitude of reasons — historically, scientifically, environmentally, architecturally, and historically — not to mention educationally and aesthetically (it is so so beautiful!).

This massive (over 600 foot long) space is for everyone to explore. Anyone of any age or interest will find it fascinating. The waterfalls, the spiral stairs, the walkway, the plants, the gardeners and their watering hoses, and even the vents on the ground which allow heat thru in the winter — my children were mesmerised. Not to mention the plants! It is a truly magical space, which we can’t wait to visit in all seasons, as it captures light and warmth.

The history of the Temperate House is that it was commissioned in 1859 by the Director of Kew. Years of disrepair, and damage led it to a terrible state. And, to bring this beautiful space back to life, it was a five year extensive restoration, which cost over £41 million, included 400 staff members and contractors, took 5,280 litres of paint… I love knowing the process behind it. Those details make you respect the space and the efforts of Kew even more!

And there is an importance of the Temperate House — it is the home of many rare and threatened plants, some of which are teetering on the brink of extinction. With over 1500 plants, organised by temperate zones, this is a safe space for nature as the human population encroaches on their natural habitats.

But as fascinating as the facts and figures are, it is just simply stunning — and fun to visit. You will leave feeling different. Better, brighter, and more relaxed! Fortunately it is only 20 minutes from Central London too, so it is super easy to visit.

Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew, Richmond, Surrey, TW9 3AE
Opening Times: 10am – 5:30
Before visiting Kew, double check their website for opening hours and times, which vary throughout the year. Other highlights while at Kew, a great guide to read when visiting.

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