Mapesbury Dell — a garden oasis for play and picnics in Northwest London

Mapesbury Dell is a beautiful community garden and play area tucked away in a residential street in Northwest London. It is a garden that instantly gives you the sense that you have left the city and are entering a little peaceful oasis. Birds are chirping, kids stop to watch snails (and sometimes tadpoles) in the pond, and there is just a sense of calm everywhere despite it being two blocks from a busy high street.

London has so many amazing sprawling, and gorgeous parks— we are truly spoiled. But the smaller parks that are scattered in between residential places in London are also very special. The little secret gardens of London. And Mapesbury Dell is no exception to this miniature garden, park, playground, pond, picnic area, and urban escape. The gardens are just beautiful, and the play area is sweet too. Beautiful wooden playground items are unique and encourage imagination in addition to climbing and sliding. The little play tee-pee, the crocodile you can climb on, and the pirate ship which entertains for hours! There are even rustling bamboo leaves as the wind blows surrounding the little play area. Everything feels so safe and so still.

The Dell is operated by local volunteer residents, which adds to the charm. And if you are as lucky as Jospeh, you may even be asked to fill the bird feeders! He was beyond excited. Can you imagine his little two year old mind? Imagine sliding down pirate ships, climbing on crocodiles, exploring the creatures in the pond, then feeding birds… a recipe for a wonderful outing.

To find the Mapesbury Dell oasis, you just have to look for the Victorian gates between the houses. There are roses climbing the archway in early summer. In spring we entered with the heady scent of hyacinths from the neighbours next door. Really every season has its own beauty. Stop in at the Mapesbury Dell and enjoy the calm and quiet.

Mapesbury Dell
Between houses 10 and 12 Hoveden Road
*open during daylight hours

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