A new ‘How To’ series from Wide Eyed Editions

Florence and I are absolutely delighted with this new series of ‘How To’ books. Florence loves looking and learning about new languages. (I think she sees Helena confidently chat in Dutch and in French and sees a great role model!) We already have a small collection of French reading books and some Dutch books for the girls to read, but when I saw this new series from Wide Eyed Editions I was thrilled!

For now it’s a set of two books, ‘How to Say I Love You’ and ‘How to Count 1 to 5 in Five Languages’. The board books are interactive so by pressing the button you hear the phrase, then you are able to practise it yourself! The artwork by Kenard Pak who also illustrated ‘The Hello Atlas’ is gorgeous, clear and fun. Together with the simple phrases these books are wonderful primers for a child learning a new language.

‘How to Say I Love You’ introduces the reader to five different children each from a different country; from George in England who loves his dog, to Jia in China who loves her brother. In French, Japanese, Mandarin, English and Spanish, phrases for “I Love You” are introduced. Florence had a couple of  girlfriends over the other day and it was so sweet listening to them all learning the phrases. They even began writing their own little book with the phrases — how cute!!

‘How to Count 1 to 5 in Five Languages’ goes along the same method. Using the interactive buttons and simple text, children can learn to count 1 to 5 in French, Japanese, Mandarin, English and Spanish.

These books are just great! Perfect for the inquisitive child and equally as fun for their parents. (They can both by purchased online at Quarto Books here and here.)

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