Baby Bram

baby bram

Hi everyone, I thought I would check in with a quick update about our little baby Bram!

baby bram

Bram is one month and two days old as I write this, and he is doing very well. He is an extremely happy and content little chap! We all enjoy his company so much. It’s been wonderful to see Tamar fall in love with another child and to witness sibling love blossom all over again. Ava has taken up her responsibility, as the little doll mother she is, quite seriously. And Casper has been such a proud big brother! (I sometimes worry he ‘over-cuddles’ Bram — he keeps turning Bram’s head to his and gives him the biggest smooches full on his mouth! So sweet but not sure what Bram is thinking of it!)

baby bram

It has been especially amazing to see Pim and Sara (who are 11 and 12) experience the newborn love. They are really taking it in, and I think they were quite surprised in an emotional way — to be confronted with these deep feelings of care, responsibility and unconditioned love. How special for them to experience this at their age!

bram and sara

bram pim

Bram is very social, he loves to interact and he’s been really alert. And even though I swear that he has been smiling since the day he was born (I just saw it in his eyes and in the expression on his little face!), last week he started to really smile full on and it’s been so very sweet to see! He also has been talking back to us: ‘arag’ and ‘aga’ were his first ‘words’. He’s now gazing at me when I’m feeding him, and starts to put his little hands on my boob.

bram laugh

And how is mama doing? The past weeks have been very slow and relaxed, very fuzzy and sweet. Although I’m tired (I do wake up every few hours, of course), I feel good and happy. These first weeks are so special, it’s really one big time warp. I’ve been taking the time to get to know our baby, and to get to know myself again.  Without expectations, without a schedule. We’re just figuring everything out, Bram and me!

bram mama

xxx Esther (and baby Bram)

PS I’m feeling very spoiled by all the attention and love spreading our way. Thank you!! I promise to be back soon with more updates. : )


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April 21, 2018

You have an adorable family! Congratulations on the new cuddly joyful bundle 🙂

April 23, 2018

So happy for you all! Hope to hear more soon. Love your updates

Emilie in Paris
April 23, 2018

I love this little fella already so, so much! You guys rock xxx

April 23, 2018

This is just beautiful. What a dear time for everybody in your home.

April 25, 2018

Your photos capturing Bram and the other kids are so beautiful and authentic (I follow you on IG too:)) Congrats to all of you again!

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