Our Sunday constitutional

We have a routine in our house, which, until now, I hadn’t even identified as as routine. On Sunday I drag everyone out of the house for a Sunday constitutional, as I like to call it: a Sunday stroll. We do this in most weather conditions and it is one of my favourite moments of the week.

The thing is, when we walk there are no distractions, and so we talk. We talk about our week, about our disagreements, about the fun things that happened. We talk about why the government can’t just print more money to make everyone richer, about why hamburgers don’t have eyes and many other important subjects. It’s actually just a little thing. We bring balls, we bring friends, we climb trees and when it is cold, we pick up a hot chocolate. The essential thing is to get out and stroll.

The funny thing is that to get everyone out is sometimes difficult. But once we are out, bad moods and crankiness (including mine) disappear. It is such a cathartic way to end the week and prepare for Monday.

Family walks have been around for a long time. In fact the park we meander in, the Buttes de Chaumont, was built by Napoleon the III. He built it to give Parisians the possibility to have a wander. The flaneur (a stroller) stems from that time and the parks in Paris are full of flaneurs. We are very happy to be members of the flaneur clan!



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April 16, 2018

great way to call it! so french in a way.. liberte d’expression..we do a similar unstructured one but i think i will call it like this from now on!

Anna ( in Colorado :) )
April 16, 2018

I totally agree getting outside is such a instant mood changer even for babies! Also, after a structured week it’s a relief to do something totally unstructured and simple exploratory. PS I learned the word flaneur when I read the book The Hare with Amber Eyes: A Hidden Inheritance by Edmund de Waal, which I highly recommend! Especially for you in Europe.

Courtney in Australia
April 16, 2018

Isn’t it so true how just getting outside can shift everyone’s mood and reset the vibe in the family?! Lucky you getting to have such a pretty city to stroll!

Third Eye Chic
April 25, 2018

Love this post! A leisurely family walk is our favorite way to spend our mornings or post dinner evenings in the summer. I really miss this ritual now that we’ve moved to the suburbs — it’s just not the same.

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