The Best Sand Toy – a pail for the beach and beyond

This packable and very useful pail has become our number one toy on every holiday we have taken over the past year, and it is an essential anytime we go where water and play are the plan! We usually prefer natural baskets like this one for walks and collecting items. But, this pail is FDA food safe, BPA free, and is unaffected by UV rays. It is also washable, foldable, and durable and since it is collapsable, it means it fits in our suitcase, and we don’t need to buy any sand toys when we get to our destination. I dread the idea of cheap plastic sand toys that families buy on holidays to entertain children, which only get used for a few hours and then disposed of!  So this was an option that I hope our children will have for years to come.

We’ve used our pail for various purposes: as an Easter Egg Basket; at our local urban park in the sand pit; to collect crabs and razor clams while foraging for our dinner; to carry wet towels and dirty shoes home from the beach; in pools to entertain our toddler; to store ice (once cleaned from the razor clams! 🙂 ) and of course the usual sand castle building.

To be totally honest, we don’t love the shovel and wish that was a bit more durable.  And if you shop around for a packable pail you might find a stronger shovel as well. But we do love that the pail will lasts for years and years and has endless uses!





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March 20, 2018

Hey Lara, I can‘t Open the link 🙁 can you fix it?

Lara in London
March 20, 2018

Thanks Hanna, it should work now!

March 20, 2018

Super idea but it looks like it won’t be possible to order from the UK! They are sold out on their website too!

March 20, 2018

Plenty for sale on UK Amazon Christina but god £60!!! A pity as a fab idea.

March 20, 2018

For not god 🙂

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