Bravery Magazine — featuring strong female role models

Bravery Magazine is a new quarterly publication for girls and boys aged 4 to 9 featuring strong female role models. Created by two mothers after a successful Kickstarter campaign, their mission is to empower children through stories of brave women ‘to help them become their own kind of brave’.  Their dream is to highlight a variety of women in a variety of fields and backgrounds so our children can see and be inspired by real, brave women doing real, brave things. It is such a brilliant concept!

Now out in two issues, the magazine highlights one female role model in each issue and themes the magazine based on the woman and her work, featuring beautiful illustrations, stories, and educational crafts and activities. Issue One is devoted to Jane Goodall, and Issue Two is devoted to astronaut and scientists Mae Jemison.

Both of my girls have really enjoyed reading the Bravery magazines. Marlow isn’t reading yet, but the illustrations are engaging and descriptive, and she has enjoyed doing the activities and crafts with Ivy’s help.  My boys have enjoyed it too, and I even caught Michael reading issue one this past weekend!

A subscription would make a wonderful gift for any child (a perfect one to ask from grandparents who are always asking for help with gifts!).

Courtney x


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